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Le monde regorge d'endroits magiques et extraordinaires. Voici des courtes vidéos ou des reportages à regarder de toute urgence !
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a golden dragon statue with the words thailand in the middle and an image of a blue sky behind it
THAILAND - In the Garden of the Dragon
THAILAND - In the Garden of the Dragon
a man standing on top of a mountain holding his arms up in the air and smiling
1 an autour du monde en 5min
WORLDWIDE - 1 an autour du monde en 5min / 1 year around the world in 5 min
midtown new york city in the dark with text overlaying it's image
USA - Midtown, New York City
BURMA - Dreams of Myanmar Mandalay, Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Saigon Vietnam, Nikon D7100, Inspirational Videos, In November
Dreams of Myanmar
BURMA - Dreams of Myanmar
the view from barcelona, spain's park guellen with mosaic tiles on it
Barcelona : The 2 Minute Trip
SPAIN - Barcelona : The 2 Minute Trip
the top of a snow covered mountain is seen through some clouds at sunset or dawn
CHINA IN MOTION 1 Timelapse - 韵动中国1 全国联合拍摄延时摄影
CHINA - China in motion, un timelapse collaboratif
a large white building with a clock on it's side and a sky background
In Morocco - 2013
MOROCCO - Morocco 2013
the words namhase nepal path of sanctuary in front of a mountain range
Namaste / Path of Spirituality
NEPAL - Namaste Nepal, Path of Spirituality
an island in the middle of water surrounded by land and trees with boats on it
Time Is Nothing - Around The World In 343 Days (Time Lapse)
WORLD - Speeding Around The World in Under 5 minutes Time Lapse
a train track with the words move on it in front of some buildings and mountains
WORLD - 44 days, 11 countries, 61,000 km in 60 seconds...
the building is lit up at night and it looks like it has a dome on top
Paris in Motion (Part 2) - France
PARIS - timelapse
an image of the words before a bruxilles written in cursive writing
Retour à Bruxelles
BELGIUM - Retour à Bruxelles
an old building with a clock on the front and side of it's roof
NEW YORK CITY (balade en drone)
many padlocks are attached to the side of a wall that is covered with locks
Un jour à Paris / One day in Paris