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Dining Out explores the latest Hawaii restaurants around the island of Oahu.
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two plates of food on a table with chopsticks next to one and another bowl
Japanese-inspired Chinese food | Chukaya Sea Dragon Table | Dining Out
Tan Tan Men Deluxe ($14) at Chukaya Sea Dragon Table. Photo: Nathalie Walker
Sampler Combination at Bob's Big Bear Diner. Photo: Anthony Consillio Restaurants, Foods, Samplers, Diner, Anthony, Big Bear, Food, Big, Dinner
Getting Savvy with Samplers | 3660 On the Rise, Mimasuya Italiano of Kyoto | Dining Out
Sampler Combination at Bob's Big Bear Diner. Photo: Anthony Consillio
two oysters on a plate with purple flower and chopsticks
Summer parties at Seafood Village | Seafood Village Chinese Cuisine | Dining Out
Steamed Oyster on Half Shell with Black Bean Sauce from Seafood Village Chinese Cuisine. Photo: Anthony Consillio
a sandwich and french fries on a white plate next to a cup of ice cream
Sharing an Abundance of Aloha With the World | L&L Hawaiian Barbecue | Dining Out
Saimin Burger at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. Photo: Lawrence Tabudlo. More: http://hsalinks.com/1iubLpL
a white plate topped with bananas and other foods on top of a wooden table next to a fork
Aloha in Every Bite | Aloha Crepes | Dining Out
Whoa crepe from Aloha Crepes. Photo: Nathalie Walker. More: http://hsalinks.com/1gmxoG0
there is a crab on the plate with some seasoning around it's edges
Perfectly Panda | Panda Cuisine | Dining Out
Live Dungeness Crab at Panda Cuisine. Photo: Lawrence Tabudlo. More: http://hsalinks.com/1mrK5IA
some kind of food that is in a bowl
Why Go Japengo | Japengo | Dining Out
Chilled Hamachi and Ikura at Japengo. More: http://hsalinks.com/1fV6GWH
there are many plates of food on the table
Local Favorite Ensures Every Day is a Nice Day | Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant | Dining Out
Garlic Golden Shrimp from Nice Day Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Photo: Leah Friel. More: http://hsalinks.com/1btnD7j
a bowl that has some kind of food in it
Warm Up to the 'Coolest' Sweets | Ichiriki | Dining Out
Ujikintoki at Ichiriki. Photo: Nathalie Walker. More: http://hsalinks.com/1dpODZD
some sushi is on a white plate with chopsticks
A Healthy Approach to Traditional Contemporary Japanese Cuisine | YuZu | Dining Out
Big Three Sampler at YuZu Ala Moana. Photo: Leah Friel. More: http://hsalinks.com/1eFm6xD
a pizza sitting on top of a white plate covered in veggies and meat
Authenticity for the Palate, Italian-Style | Il Lupino | Dining Out
Prosciutto Pizza at Il Lupino Trattoria & Wine Bar. Photo: Leah Friel. More: http://hsalinks.com/1cjUaPW
there are three different types of food on the plate and one is filled with dumplings
Hankering After Hong Kong Cuisine | Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant | Dining Out
Assorted dim sum at Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant. Photo: Lawrence Tabudlo. More: http://hsalinks.com/1bm5oiL
a white plate topped with meat and rice next to a green leafy salad on top of a table
Smoke Signals Lead to Good Grinds | Kau Kau Grill | Dining Out
BBQ Baby Back Ribs at Kau Kau Grill. Photo: Rachel Breit. More: http://hsalinks.com/1iUnxvJ
a table filled with different types of food
Zippy's Gets Festive With a Meal to be Thankful For | Zippy's | Dining Out
Zippy’s Thanksgiving Meals To Go Package. Photo: Lawrence Tabudlo. More: http://hsalinks.com/18jq6Dm
dumplings in a bamboo steamer on a table
Xiao Lung Bao at Hee Hing Restaurant. Photo: Leah Friel. More: http://hsalinks.com/1baUbWn