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This Starbucks store is located in the historic central train station of Copenhagen. The original architectural detail remains untouched. The existing theatrical wooden arches serve as the face of the bar and beautifully frames the entire store.


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This Starbucks store in Bogota, Colombia was inspired by local craftsmanship and the region's rich coffee landscape. The store showcases locally produced concrete and handmade mineral floor tiles throughout.


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This Starbucks store located at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida is our 500th LEED store. Elements of sustainable design include: 100% energy-efficient LED lighting, reclaimed materials used throughout, community tables made from salvaged trees & a green roof filled with hundreds of lemon grass plants. With a touch of Disney-like whimsy, a moss art installation brings the tranquility of a forest to the store, inviting you to enjoy the serenity of the natural world.


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Located in the famous Amsterdam Flower Market, this Starbucks store takes inspiration from traditional Dutch flower shops found nearby. This store features local materials including Belgium bluestone, classic white tiles, green marble and a concrete floor. Vintage flower vases add color and shimmer above the open shelving and metal menu boards.


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This Starbucks store located at the La Vien Hotel in central Hanoi used natural stone and teak wood to create a contemporary, calm and refined feel. Several walls showcase artwork made by local artists including a woven bamboo piece, made using the same techniques to make Vietnam’s iconic conical hats.


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This Starbucks store in Santa Cruz, Bolivia drew inspiration from one of the country's most spectacular natural wonders – the world’s largest salt flat. The geometric patterns formed in the salt flat inspired many decorative elements found throughout the store. A combination of natural materials, patterned concrete, and warm, contrasting, local wood reflect the rich colors and textures indigenous to Bolivia’s eastern region.


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This Starbucks store sits in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It features grandstand seating, inspired by the terraces found in many coffee-growing landscapes. The warm color palette compliments the natural architectural elements which combines walnut wood, black steel, concrete and glass.


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The Masaryk Spencer store in Mexico City was the 100th Starbucks to open in Mexico. This store reflects an eclectic Californian style with Art Deco elements, inspired by the 1930s house it calls home.


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Designed as a theatre for coffee, this Starbucks store in Taipei's Longmen building features a Reserve Bar that acts as center stage. Centrally located, the bar is visible all throughout the store. Artwork in the store includes a marquetry, made with natural grain, different textures and colors inspired by the world’s coffee belt.


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Where In The World: This Starbucks store in Istanbul draws design inspiration from the boats and ferry buildings it sits opposite from. It features a combination of traditional and industrial aesthetics, layered with a rich range of materials including local marble, iroko wood, brass details and terrazzo flooring.


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