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Store Design

Re-imagining the intersection of design and the human experience in a locally relevant way.

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Store Design

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Above the main entrance to the Dubai Mall on Level 1 of the Grand Atrium is the mall’s newest Starbucks store. Designed with a palette of finishes and color tones that perfectly complement the mall's interiors, this open lounge-style store offers varied seating arrangements to suit customers’ tastes and moods.

Starbucks Ibn batutta
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The first licensed store with Clover, beer and wine is in the Ketchum Town Center in Idaho. Local legend Warren Miller’s historic photos are displayed throughout, and a donated photo of local Ernest Hemingway is featured in the meeting room – formerly a bank vault.

Once a gas station, now a coffee house. Built at the start of the automobile age and the golden era of filmmaking, this store has become an iconic restoration of a historic California landmark.

  • Louie Neira
    Louie Neira

    Do you have a photo of how it looked originally?

  • Angelica Almaraz
    Angelica Almaraz

    Where in California?

  • Louie Neira
    Louie Neira

    @Angelica - I'm guessing Los Angeles. The billboard in back says GreenTree Landscaping - a Google search reveals it's located in LA. As to the exact location, no idea - the street sign isn't visible.

  • Brian C
    Brian C

    859 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

  • Angelica Almaraz
    Angelica Almaraz

    I live in LA...Thanks Brian C!! Can't wait to go!

Mexico's first Starbucks Reserve Store features a carefully curated line of small-lot arabica coffees from Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, and the Galapagos. Designers intentionally kept the indoor space open, with limited bar seating, to allow ample room to walk around and explore while they wait for their orders. Outside, an open-air terrace serves as an ideal place to sit, relax and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

The Starbucks Reserve store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York is home to art pieces that augment the café space and pay homage to local surroundings and coffee heritage.

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle’s Capitol Hill is dedicated to the craft of roasting, the art of brewing, and exploration of taste. It represents everything we love about coffee-under one roof.

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The open-concept Starbucks store at Mission Hills Resort Dongguan in China has no windows or doors, which allows fresh air to flow through the store.

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    Keilan Margolis

    Starbucks Loves your pinterest is bringing me much happiness

Artists, dignitaries, designers, and actors from the Tokyo Roppongi neighborhood gather at this Starbucks store for inspiration and ideas.


Bangalore’s 100 Ft. Road store, in the neighborhood of Indiranagar, features exposed walls ornamented with painted coffee tree botanicals and local brick. Jali patterns, used locally for sun shading and breezeway structures, were re-imagined and layered lace-like throughout the interior.

Starbucks - JP Nagar

One of six Starbucks stores in Amsterdam, the centerpiece of the design is a large, green marble counter top which summons the grandeur of traditional canal houses.

Famille Park location celebrating 15 years in Korea. This location offers a variety of locally-sourced food and beverage options created exclusively for the Famille Park store: Double Chocolate Éclair, Raspberry Orange Juice, and Full Moon Chocolate Banana Frappuccino.

This Starbucks store is situated just off of Montmartre's bohemian Place du Tertre in Paris—the home of many early 20th century painters including Pablo Picasso and Maurice Utrillo.

The store design seen here is a throwback to the history of shipping and aeronautics in the Portland area. Taking advantage of its height, the two-story location has the look and feel of a flight hangar.

The Starbucks store at T51 in the Los Angeles Airport celebrates the craft of coffee making. Wagner and fellow designer Jennifer Porteous drew inspiration for the design from the pattern of foamy milk at the top of a handcrafted latte.

Inspired by the city's rich nautical history, this store in San Francisco features a delicate steel portal made of a ship’s hull material, framing the front door. Inside, a high platform revealing an overview of the space creates an experience somewhat reminiscent of stepping on board a ship.

  • Corbin Henry
    Corbin Henry

    Can you imagine artistic coffee mug framed art prints in this Starbucks store? Check these out

  • Amy Allingham
    Amy Allingham

    That's my store! Love the view through these windows!

  • Corbin Henry
    Corbin Henry

    Cool! Small world!

Our first-ever store opens in Bogotá, Colombia—the heart of coffee origin—offering coffees you won't find anywhere else in the world. This 20-foot mural, painted by Luis Carlos Cifuentes, is a depiction of the Siren celebrating the first shipment of coffee from this country to the United States in 1971.

The 100+ year-old chimney seen at this store in Dunwoody, Georgia reminds us of the land's rich history of farms, pastures, tenant houses, and pioneer families.

Our LEED-certified Hollywood & Vine store—located at one of the most famous intersections in Los Angeles.

Caesars Palace, The LINQ Las Vegas, Treasure Island, and Aria Resort Casino—four of the more than 30 Starbucks stores along four miles between the Mandalay Bay Resort Casino and the Stratosphere Tower.

The New York-New York store in Las Vegas reflects the varied nature of The Big Apple, with rugged industrial materials like concrete and steel balanced by sleek walnut wood finishes and warm brick tiles. Names of Brooklyn subway stops are incorporated into the artwork, and posters are pasted along the back wall.

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    Why is it you cant see anyone else's hair color besides the ginger...?

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    I think that's a reflection of a store across the street...

We wanted to make the Starbucks store at Caesars Palace as regal as its Grecian surroundings. You'll find glitz and glam throughout, including handmade tiles behind the bar backed in gold leaf.

The Alamenda Santos store in São Paulo is one block off of Avenida Paulista. The architecture is reminiscent of the old mansions that were once the centerpieces of Brazil’s coffee plantations.

All sorts of magical treasures at our new #DisneyWorld store.

  • David Daniels
    David Daniels

    What an incredible journey this project has been - so many amazing people to thank for all of their hard work and dedication to make this vision a reality.

  • K a t e
    K a t e

    Kristin Plucker Senglaub

This pillar in our Makati City, Philippines store is covered in photos celebrating our baristas and their customers.

  • Lindsay Hoffman
    Lindsay Hoffman

    So warm! Makes us look more human and less robotic-coffee-drone. I'd love to see all stores do this.

The artist who created the unique chandeliers at this store just outside of Chicago, used an “espresso glaze” for her environmentally friendly, corrosive-inhibiting finish coat.

Our Lexington store has a rustic stable vibe featuring reclaimed barn wood celebrating Kentucky's rich equestrian heritage.

The Starbucks Sustainability team is very excited to announce that we now have 400 LEED Certified Stores! LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party verified rating system for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of sustainable buildings. It's Starbucks' goal for all new, company-operated stores to achieve LEED certification. The 400th LEED Certified store is MetrOasis in Gateshead, UK.

Ideas In Action Blog

An illustration of a deconstructed French press shows that the walls of our Oak and Rush store in Chicago's Gold Coast district are not only beautiful, but instructive.

Starbucks - Gold Coast - Chicago, IL
  • Jessica Lugo
    Jessica Lugo

    Do you know who makes these chairs?

One of our newest stores, in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, is built from a recycled shipping container. It features hand-painted signs by Seattle artist Japhy Witte.

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This Starbucks in Greece was inspired by the local history, integrating two natural materials: wood and marble. It features a locally sourced walnut community table and a focal wall of marble with an engraved Starbucks Siren.

  • Robyn Garner
    Robyn Garner

    I've been to this store!

When it came time to renovate the Starbucks at Seattle’s University Village outdoor mall, we looked for ways to make it even more inviting and inspiring for students and shoppers, adding redwood siding made from reclaimed Eastern Washington hop-vine poles and table wood salvaged from a fallen ash tree in the nearby Wallingford neighborhood.

For this Starbucks store in the Bilka OneStop Fields Mall in Copenhagen, designers incorporated vintage mercantile details and a cooler minimalist design reminiscent of Danish architecture.

Starbucks teams up with Bilka for Copenhagen hypermarket

The historic Palace Hotel, built by order of King Alfonso XIII in 1912, provides a stunning backdrop to this recently renovated store, which was originally Starbucks very first coffeehouse in Spain. Archways, boxed beams and paneled wainscot were used to give the space its classical feel. This is also Starbucks' first LEED certified store in Spain.

Palace Hotel Store

For this Starbucks in Istanbul’s Besiktas area, we used typography as the primary inspiration, painting lettering from our coffee stamps across the walls. The corrugated glass pendant lights were made locally.

Starbucks Coffee Company

The Starbucks at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District features technology designed specifically for this store, including a first-of-its-kind interactive touch screen to inspire play and creativity for visitors of any age.

  • Jess Kowach
    Jess Kowach

    For those who have visited already, where is it located next to? I no longer live in CA so i cant check it out myself. I visited DL often and just want to picture the location in my head.

  • Sarah Chang
    Sarah Chang

    It's located right outside World of Disney on the right side.

  • Leslie Reynolds
    Leslie Reynolds

    It's in downtown Disney, then the old coffee place on main street is now a Starbux and over in Calif Disney their is a 3rd Starbux ! Just got home from visiting all 3 !

  • Leslie Reynolds
    Leslie Reynolds

    Also check out the Living Wall... Plants/ succulents growing on Starbux wall, shaped like a coffee cup! It's amazing !

  • Jess Kowach
    Jess Kowach

    Thanks Sarah! I can picture it now :)

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To capture the Carioca aesthetic of Rio de Janeiro, a lighter palette of natural materials were chosen for this store on Visconde de Piraja, and the shaped wooden ceiling was chosen as the signature design element—inspired by the ever-shifting sands of nearby Ipanema Beach.

Starbucks 100th store in Singapore highlights the country’s deep history and heritage and is the first Starbucks in the market to hire and train autistic partners (employees) with support from a local organization. The space encourages interaction between customers and partners with the first split-bar concept in Singapore.

Our Starbucks Evenings store in the Dulles Airport has two walls built out of white oak wine barrels as well as a wall decorated with vintage suitcases to pay homage to travelers. The store boasts a significant amount of bar-style seating and cozy chairs to offer weary travelers respite from cramped airplane seats.

Ideas In Action Blog

Located next door to the Moody Theatre, home of Austin City Limits Live, this new Starbucks was inspired by Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, with details like speaker paneling, microphone chandeliers and spotlight pendant lighting.

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    Wish my Starbucks looked like that!

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    This is so beautiful. I work for Starbucks and I would love to work for this one for just one day....

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    Austin Texas Music & Events

    yumm yum, everywhere in Austin! ;P -S

New York's Times Square deserves a Starbucks that blends in with the bright lights, non-stop activity and unique buzz of the neighborhood. The store at the corner of 47th and Broadway is designed to look and feel like one of the nearby Broadway Theaters.

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    Makes your starbucks right on the spot!

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    Looks great.

Chengdu Tianfu Riverfront Starbucks in China is composed by two free standing buildings which have a scenic river view. Architectural elements such as sliding windows and doors, ceiling fans are designed to making visual connections between two spaces to encourage a genuine moment of connection.

Inside the Starbucks store in the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai.

  • Susan Jaroscak
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    Wow RubySophie J

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With its community table and outdoor patio, Starbucks' first store in Utrecht is the ideal place for friends and family to gather before exploring the Vredenburg castle. This store is also built to LEED certification standards.

  • hadley long
    hadley long

    I ❤️ u Starbucks!! Ur the best

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    I ❤️ Starbucks soooooooooooo much!!

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    Theo Prang

    Vredenburg castle? I hope you won't be disappointed. It was torn down hundreds of years ago. (By civilians who were fed up with having a fortress to war over in their town.) Just some small reminders remain in the buildings on and around the original location. But there's plenty to see in this town!

  • Theo Prang
    Theo Prang

    Oh, and I love to stop at this place for coffee :-D

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Located in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, blocks from from the U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court and House and Senate buildings, this Starbucks draws upon the area’s rich commercial and political history. The recent renovation showcases locally sourced materials as well as reused and recycled elements, from the artwork to the wood flooring.

Capitol Hill - Washington, D.C. Store
  • April P
    April P

    Absolutely beautiful!

Starbucks implemented a number of green design features at this SoHo store during a recent renovation such as low-flow faucets and LED lighting fixtures. The espresso bar countertops, community table, and bar and column cladding were manufactured from repurposed white oak, while a magnetic community board was crafted with metal panels from old coffee machines.

The Invisible Greening Of The Starbucks Experience - PSFK
  • April P
    April P

    How exciting to see the desire for Starbucks to preserve our environment! Thank you!

  • Craft+Brand Graphic Design
    Craft+Brand Graphic Design

    I adore this store. Always really busy, but that's the fun of it.

Located in a building originally designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry, this Starbucks in Disneyland Paris reflects the clean, modernist design of 1930s Europe. It features repurposed barrels from local French vineyards, a countertop made with parts of recycled mobile phones, and bar cladding made from leather scraps sourced from nearby shoe and auto manufacturing plants.

Ideas In Action Blog

This Starbucks store near the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine in Dazaifu, Japan features more than 2,000 wooden sticks that are woven into a lattice pattern. The goal is to make the store feel cave-like and fluid.

Located at the gateway to Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, this LEED Gold certified Starbucks evokes the warm heritage of our first store. The signage on the bar uses recycled slate from a local high school, the community table is twice reused, and a wall tapestry in the back is made of repurposed burlap coffee bags from our local roasting plant.

This Starbucks on London’s Conduit Street is discreetly packed with locally sourced, reused materials like shelving made from wind fallen oak trees from Wales, reclaimed panels made from the salvaged floor boards of a demolished hotel in Kent, artwork from old tea boxes saved from a landfill in Bolton, and wooden frames made from beams of a old Victorian-era brewery.

Located at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, this store features wood siding made from champagne boxes recovered from French winemakers, chairs and coffee tables designed by local craftsmen, and repurposed coffee grinders purchased from neighboring flea markets.

  • Grace Evans
    Grace Evans

    I thought this Starbucks in the louvre. I was there last summer. I'm 99.9% sure.

  • Robin Férand
    Robin Férand

    Yes, Grace Evans, it´s exactly the same at the Louvre !!

  • Starbucks Loves
    Starbucks Loves

    Grace & Robin: You are correct! This is a photo of our store at the Louvre. We incorrectly labelled it. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Robin Férand
    Robin Férand

    We are professional of Starbucks Coffee ;-)

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    Tess Hutchins we've been here

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In Kyoto, Japan, this LEED-certified Starbucks store includes tabletops made with bamboo and a serene outdoor patio, perfect for a quick getaway from the bustling Kyoto Research Park.

  • Gabrielle Riegel
    Gabrielle Riegel

    I've been here!

Inspired by Art Nouveau, Kuwait’s first Starbucks Reserve store is filled with lacquered wood, plush fabrics, mosaic tiles, and locally poured terrazzo, resulting in a stylish space that celebrates the world’s finest coffees.

  • Ion Gardoqui
    Ion Gardoqui

    wooow so cool! looks like a petit palace!

This Starbucks, located in Amsterdam’s historic Flower Market, features a large floral mural while rustic bricks, marble countertops and wood planks resemble an old florist’s shop.

Flower Market Inspired Starbucks in Amsterdam
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    Elizabeth Larsen

    Let's go to Amsterdam!

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    Elizabeth Larsen soooo down.

This Starbucks store in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood honors the Art Deco architecture of the existing City University building and features a community table with lots of power outlets so that their students can plug in and keep studying. A custom mural by local artist Mike Martinez makes it look like you’re sitting on the Seattle monorail, which runs right next to the store.

Ideas In Action Blog

The Kerry Center flagship store in Beijing, China is a two-story design. Both the lower and upper level bars are carved and inked with visual images telling the story of how coffee beans are grown, sourced and processed, executed through a creative and modern interpretation of Chinese brush painting.

The Starbucks store on world-famous Lincoln Road captures the glitz and glamour of south Miami Beach with a gold leaf ceiling, smoked glass chandelier, a teal leather tufted banquette, and marble table tops, while sharing the Starbucks coffee journey through a black antique mirror depicting the global coffee belt.

Starbucks - Miami Beach, FL
  • David Daniels
    David Daniels

    Lot's of fun designing this store! If you're ever on Lincoln Rd, stop by, grab a coffee and sit in the window - it's the people watching around.

At Oak & Rush in Chicago, casual seating downstairs caters to to-go customers, where planks salvaged from boxcars clad walls, ceilings, and fixtures.

Artwork made of coffee cups is the backdrop for tables at the Starbucks Reserve store in Seattle's University Village.

Starbucks moves beyond the ‘cookie-cutter’ look for stores

At Oak & Rush in Chicago, Starbucks designers worked with artist Olalekan Jeyifous to create a large 25 panel mural depicting an Oak tree providing shade to a coffee tree, while sharing vignettes of a coffee story rising through its boughs. The mural includes tiles that depict oak leaves, coffee cherries and a coffee bean in a style that is inspired by Chicago’s rich architectural tradition.

In our store in Wroclaw, Poland, an 8-meter wide community table hangs between the original structural columns that were reconstructed after World War II.

In Starbucks' Amsterdam store, exposed stone walls and repurposed Dutch oak picks up the aged beauty of blue and white Delftware tiles, a local art form dating back to the 16th century, while a cartographic mural celebrates the history of 17th century Dutch coffee traders.

Our Newest Store in Amsterdam: Mingling Tradition with Innovation

The Starbucks Store at St. Catherine Street and Greene Avenue in Montreal incorporates local recycled and reclaimed materials, including the rustic wood on the walls, ceiling and bar.

  • Madeleine Morin Walker
    Madeleine Morin Walker

    really nice love to go there

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    Hannah Hoskins

    This is gorgeous...

Louver screens and "engawa" style roof overhangs, as well as insulated exterior walls and window frames, are used to block the sun and reduce heating and cooling needs at this Starbucks store located at the center of Japan’s serene Ohori Park.

  • S.A.

    Lovely! Would love to see this store!! ♥

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    this is really a nice place♡

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    Jessica Swearingen

    This looks like a place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. A place to unwind after the day.

The Starbucks store in the Barclays Center Brooklyn Nets arena incorporates reclaimed basketball flooring as the primary material in the store, which makes up the feature wall, bar cladding material, wood seating element, and custom lighting.

A wall in the Starbucks store in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon is constructed with used bicycle tire tubes.

For the New Orleans Starbucks Store on Canal Street, local sculptor David Borgerding built chandeliers from old wrought iron gates to honor the city’s mercantile roots.

  • Brenda B. DuBard
    Brenda B. DuBard

    The prettiest Starbucks I've ever seen!

  • David Daniels
    David Daniels

    I had a whole bunch of fun designing this store and I got to spend a lot of time the great city of New Orleans.

  • Brenda B. DuBard
    Brenda B. DuBard

    Well, it's awesome! :)

  • Betty Foley
    Betty Foley

    I have been to this one during Mardi Gras

  • Patti Krohngold
    Patti Krohngold

    Great job! Love the Tommy Taylor mural !!!!

Rope, wood, and simple materials are used to evoke the local craft of weaving at this Starbucks store in New Delhi, India.

12. Liz Muller | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Located within Mexico City's Bosque de Chapultepec (the largest park in Latin America), the site for this Starbucks acts as a hidden gateway to the park.

  • Penelope Gross
    Penelope Gross

    I've been there-so beautiful! I want a house just like it!

The Starbucks store within Paris’ Galeries Lafayette takes its inspiration from the world of fashion that defines the legendary department store. It is crafted with locally sourced wood and black marble, brass, glass, and metal.

Starbucks's first location on wheels is on the SBB train line running from Geneva to St. Gallen in Switzerland. Inside, the experience on the car is split between two levels and features a warm and welcoming color palette inspired by the shades and tints associated with coffee, from dark roasted brown beans to snowy white steamed milk.

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    Seattle needs one of these too

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    Adam Adkins

    I want to work here!

The ceiling-to-floor glass windows at the Taikoo Li Sanlitun Starbucks store in Beijing present a view of the site’s courtyard, a meeting point of China’s young and cosmopolitan people.