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    A peek inside some of our favorite Starbucks stores from around the world.

    Store Design

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    The Avenue l’Opéra Starbucks store was the first one to open in France in 2004, and was remodeled in 2011. Much of the design and décor is inspired by the elegance and theatricality of the nearby Opéra Garnier, embellished with velvet curtains that recall the beauty of the plays performed there.


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    • Emily Benedict
      Emily Benedict

      Been here :)

    Inspired by the school’s science program, our George Mason University store highlights the “science of coffee” with chalkboards and “Flying Books” artwork. The installation includes 34 reclaimed books from the university's library.

    George Mason University

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    Starbucks store in Tukwila, WA - made of shipping containers. The design came from our use of these containers to ship coffee and tea from locations all over the world.

    New Starbucks Made From Shipping Containers - Enpundit
    • Melody

      Fabulous store design! So unique!

    • 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

      Such a great way to be sustainable and inventive! Are there more locations like this?

    • Stacy Arriaza
      Stacy Arriaza

      this one is even cooler what a space saver!

    • Benchmark Displays
      Benchmark Displays

      Wow, brilliant! Where will the next be popping up?


      Wow! This is amazing. So unique!

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    Starbucks Rebrands French Stores

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    • Adam Brotman
      Adam Brotman

      Is this the Paris Disney store? What an amazing store!

    • Starbucks

      Adam Brotman it sure is... We have 6 more Disney locations opening soon. The first will be at California Adventure this June. Hope to see you there!

    • Leanna Driscoll
      Leanna Driscoll

      I can't wait for the best coffee to be at the happiest place on earth! If I lived closer is beg anyone to transfer there.

    • Stacy Arriaza
      Stacy Arriaza

      I wish that was my home Starbucks I practically live there at least twice daily lol Starbucks and my coffee

    Starbucks in New Delhi. Love how rope, wood and simple materials are used to evoke the local craft of weaving.

    12. Liz Muller | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
    • Smokey Mountain Fireplaces
      Smokey Mountain Fireplaces

      Would enjoy any cup of coffee in that lovely place. The color scheme is gorgeous.

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      Tiffany Lamps Now

      Very nice place.

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      Akash Khungar

      Awesome place!

    • G Labarre Galleries
      G Labarre Galleries

      Love the color palette!

    • Melissa Justine
      Melissa Justine

      Cicely Bonilla Awesome!! I thought there was only one in Mumbai

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    This Starbucks in Kuwait City, Kuwait is the first in the Middle East to feature Starbucks Reserve coffees using the Clover brewing method. Customers enjoy their beverages on a patio under palm trees along a cobblestone walkway filled with light from the glass ceiling high overhead. The interior space is inspired by the art nouveau movement of the early 20th century, with lacquered woods, plush and textured fabrics, and mosaic tiles.

    Grand Avenue - The Avenues

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    Starbucks opened its first-ever express format store on Wall Street in April of 2015. It is tailored for customers on-the-go who want high-quality Starbucks products in a beautiful environment, coupled with the efficiency that comes with knowing what they want, quickly.

    14 Wall St

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    This Starbucks in Fuzhou, China is all about "Wei Qi," the ancient Chinese board game. It houses the famous, world class, first “Wei Qi” master museum.

    福州 Fuzhou

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    • Louie Neira
      Louie Neira

      does the US have anything similar? all the ones I see posted here are from other countries.

    • Amy L.
      Amy L.

      Jason Spariosu

    This four-story Starbucks in Bebek, Istanbul is perched above the European side of the Bosporus, with views of the sea and Asia beyond. The store has two bars, a whitewashed interior, and large picture windows.


    • Karen Cline
      Karen Cline

      Why can't we have Starbucks' like this in the US? You know...where Starbucks actually originated???

    • Abbi

      Haha yes❤☕

    • Adriana Pintos
      Adriana Pintos

      Que lindo

    Above the main entrance to the Dubai Mall on Level 1 of the Grand Atrium is the mall’s newest Starbucks store. Designed with a palette of finishes and color tones that perfectly complement the mall's interiors, this open lounge-style store offers varied seating arrangements to suit customers’ tastes and moods.

    Starbucks Ibn batutta

    Starbucks Ibn batutta
    • Elyse:):) 😘💋❤️
      Elyse:):) 😘💋❤️

      I'm in love

    • Dania

      Wooow!!! this store is AMAZING

    The first licensed store with Clover, beer and wine is in the Ketchum Town Center in Idaho. Local legend Warren Miller’s historic photos are displayed throughout, and a donated photo of local Ernest Hemingway is featured in the meeting room – formerly a bank vault.



    Once a gas station, now a coffee house. Built at the start of the automobile age and the golden era of filmmaking, this store has become an iconic restoration of a historic California landmark.

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    • Louie Neira
      Louie Neira

      Do you have a photo of how it looked originally?

    • Angelica Almaraz
      Angelica Almaraz

      Where in California?

    • Louie Neira
      Louie Neira

      @Angelica - I'm guessing Los Angeles. The billboard in back says GreenTree Landscaping - a Google search reveals it's located in LA. As to the exact location, no idea - the street sign isn't visible.

    • Brian C
      Brian C

      859 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

    • Angelica Almaraz
      Angelica Almaraz

      I live in LA...Thanks Brian C!! Can't wait to go!

    Mexico's first Starbucks Reserve Store features a carefully curated line of small-lot arabica coffees from Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, and the Galapagos. Designers intentionally kept the indoor space open, with limited bar seating, to allow ample room to walk around and explore while they wait for their orders. Outside, an open-air terrace serves as an ideal place to sit, relax and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

    Paseo Arcos Bosques

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    The Starbucks Reserve store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York is home to art pieces that augment the café space and pay homage to local surroundings and coffee heritage.


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    The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle’s Capitol Hill is dedicated to the craft of roasting, the art of brewing, and exploration of taste. It represents everything we love about coffee-under one roof.

    Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

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      Lauren Cunningham

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    The open-concept Starbucks store at Mission Hills Resort Dongguan in China has no windows or doors, which allows fresh air to flow through the store.

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    • keilan margolis
      keilan margolis

      Starbucks Loves your pinterest is bringing me much happiness

    Artists, dignitaries, designers, and actors from the Tokyo Roppongi neighborhood gather at this Starbucks store for inspiration and ideas.

    Starbucks Coffee TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI店

    Starbucks Coffee TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI店

    Bangalore’s 100 Ft. Road store, in the neighborhood of Indiranagar, features exposed walls ornamented with painted coffee tree botanicals and local brick. Jali patterns, used locally for sun shading and breezeway structures, were re-imagined and layered lace-like throughout the interior.


    Starbucks - JP Nagar

    One of six Starbucks stores in Amsterdam, the centerpiece of the design is a large, green marble counter top which summons the grandeur of traditional canal houses.


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    Famille Park location celebrating 15 years in Korea. This location offers a variety of locally-sourced food and beverage options created exclusively for the Famille Park store: Double Chocolate Éclair, Raspberry Orange Juice, and Full Moon Chocolate Banana Frappuccino.

    Seoul, South Korea

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    This Starbucks store is situated just off of Montmartre's bohemian Place du Tertre in Paris—the home of many early 20th century painters including Pablo Picasso and Maurice Utrillo.

    Place du Tertre

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    The store design seen here is a throwback to the history of shipping and aeronautics in the Portland area. Taking advantage of its height, the two-story location has the look and feel of a flight hangar.

    Portland International Airport (PDX)

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    The Starbucks store at T51 in the Los Angeles Airport celebrates the craft of coffee making. Wagner and fellow designer Jennifer Porteous drew inspiration for the design from the pattern of foamy milk at the top of a handcrafted latte.

    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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    Inspired by the city's rich nautical history, this store in San Francisco features a delicate steel portal made of a ship’s hull material, framing the front door. Inside, a high platform revealing an overview of the space creates an experience somewhat reminiscent of stepping on board a ship.

    Fisherman's Wharf

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    • Corbin Henry
      Corbin Henry

      Can you imagine artistic coffee mug framed art prints in this Starbucks store? Check these out

    • Amy Allingham
      Amy Allingham

      That's my store! Love the view through these windows!

    • Corbin Henry
      Corbin Henry

      Cool! Small world!

    Our first-ever store opens in Bogotá, Colombia—the heart of coffee origin—offering coffees you won't find anywhere else in the world. This 20-foot mural, painted by Luis Carlos Cifuentes, is a depiction of the Siren celebrating the first shipment of coffee from this country to the United States in 1971.

    Starbucks Coffee

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