✯ Amazing

that is one of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen low lying storm clouds over green grass fields pasture, two 2 round lights bright in gray grey clouds, lightening strikes ground

Wild horses

Dapple Gray with a wild herd behind him. What a BEAUTIFUL stallion 😍😍❤️🐴

Black & White Horse..Perfect

When I was 6 years old my father passed on and his beautiful black horse Star decided I was her person. We journeyed far together.

Wow! A rainbow and lightening all in one! One of the most beautiful Mother Nature's pics I've ever seen!

In every storm, there is a rainbow visible somewhere because there is always light nearby. In the storms of life, there is always something beautiful because God is nearby. We just need to take the time to look for our rainbow.


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The launch of NASA Radiation Belt Storm Probes by Mike Killian

Best Photography of 2013

Atlas V Arc of Light: Rocket launched with twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes sent to explore the Van Allen Belts that surround Earth. Astrophotographer Mike Killian took this photo from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida Aug.

Lightening strikes

Lightening strikes a Tree. This is the reason that we shouldn't stand under trees in a thunderstorm!