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Love the top two poses. .

Mermaid Sketches by HappyRaincloud on deviantART

Simple roses. My kids always draw roses :/ I must show them this much better way

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Pushing Past the I Am Not Creative Myth

Giacometti figures made from wire, masking tape and paint. Video and photo tutorial.

Knutselwerkje Beeldjes maken van

Picasso Face Dice Drawing Sheet. Bit small to show maybe, but a good reminder for me of a way of keeping kids busy learning by doing of practising Picasso-style faces.... head, ears, nose, mouth, then eye 1, then eye 2.

Picasso Face Dice Drawing Sheet

Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho menelaus). This brilliant blue butterfly can be found in the rain forests of South America (Brazil & Guyana).

Butterflies | Causes of Color

Have students add scribbly lines (or other forms of mark making) to add depth and texture to a word/name. Talk about texture, line weight, negative space...

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Emily: I created this with teal, navy, lime green, yellow, and orange acrylic paint colors and used spray paint instead of acrylic paint for the white. The tape takes FOREVER to put on! haha


"É sempre assim. Uma sinfonia de avessos. De muito amar e de se ver pouco. Um enorme sacrifício por nobres preços. Eu de um lado. Você de outro." Miss T.

Twin Soul Union – Trust In Twin Flame Love

She was like the moon part of her was always hidden.

Quotes on Mental Health and Mental Illness - HealthyPlace

I've seen waves do this in Hawaii, it happens when one or more catches up with the one making beach fall and you get a stacked effect.

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Easy Silhouette Wall Art -- Could do this on a white canvas, too! by artsuneel

easy canvas art

Saatchi Online Artist: Benedicte Gele; Watercolor, Painting "Equine Nude 1a"

Saatchi Art Artist: Benedicte Gele; Watercolor 2012 Painting "Equine Nude 1a"

#unicorn #fantasy I know it's not real but I just love unicorns...can't help it

Healing Unicorn (Print) by Sundara Fawn

I want this on a huge canvas in my house. Help me out @Kat Van Patten or @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Ward Domine??

Abstract Music by crystalmchavezart on Etsy

Creepy Swirly Rainbow Tree11x14 Water Color Canvas by BubbleFab, $75.00

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I'd love a ranch house in the country with horses and pastures :)

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Fantasy | Magic | Fairytale | Surreal | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Adventures |

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Juise: Tiny Things for a Tiny Fairy Garden-made with polymer clay

Juise: Tiny Things for a Tiny Fairy Garden

Anyone who draws or paints will know that mastering the art of creating realistic water images is very difficult and requires different skills...

� HOW TO Draw a Water Drop | Drawing Tutorial & Video Demos �
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Sign of Sea Life Medium Sea Glass Beach Glass Seahorse by SignsOf, $40.00

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Art journal inspiration. Lost Coast Post: Watercolor Wednesday: Shaded Spheres How-To

Lost Coast Post: Watercolor Wednesday: Shaded Spheres How-To