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The Intriguing History of the Peace Rose | Star Roses & Plants

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Drift® Roses | Star Roses & Plants

Drift® Roses

Pretty In Pink Eden® exhibits all the same great qualities of the Eden® Rose, but is deep pink in color. It has slightly more petals than Eden® and is more fragrant. Pretty In Pink Eden® performs well on its own roots and is just as vigorous and resistant to disease as its parent.

Reaching for the Sky

Cloud 10™ has exceptionally clean foliage and a very full flower, similar to the English roses. This pure white climber blooms heavily in the spring and will re-bloom throughout the season. It is hardy to zone 5 climates but may perform more like a large shrub than a climber. It will do great everywhere, but especially in the south and all areas troubled with black spot.

Reaching for the Sky

Raspberry Cream Twirl™ is the first striped climber with a classic rose exhibition type flower. It is also one of the few striped climbers to have better than average disease resistance. The striping is very consistent and can be noticed even from a distance.

Reaching for the Sky

With its strong citrus scent and exhibition-type roses, ‘The Best Kept Secret’ won’t be a secret for long. This bushy hybrid tea grows to 4 feet tall.

New Roses for 2015

Shell-pink 'Peachy Keen' roses have yellow centers and eventually fade to pale pink. This landscape shrub has excellent disease resistance.

New Roses for 2015

A bushy landscape shrub, 'Icecap' has pure white roses backed by dark green foliage. Grow it as a hedge or in combination plantings.

New Roses for 2015

Look-A-Likes 'Apple Dapple' // HGTV Gardens

New Roses for 2015

Pretty in Pink Eden // HGTV Gardens

New Roses for 2015

Apricots n' Cream™ is a vigorous grower with a pastel flower color of ivory to light apricot that contrasts well with the excellent dark green and glossy foliage. | Star Roses & Plants

Speaking to Non-Horticulture Students

Roses that fool the eye | Star Roses & Plants

Roses that fool the eye

Look-A-Likes® Apple Dapple

Roses that fool the eye

from Better Homes and Gardens

Award-Winning Roses for Your Garden

Sunshine Daydream will brighten your spirits and your garden with its lovely light yellow flowers.

Award-Winning Roses for Your Garden

Thrive!® is a vibrant red landscape shrub rose. | Star Roses & Plants

Four New Roses to Plant This Spring

Is This Rose Fragrant? Depends on the Nose of the Beholder! | Star Roses & Plants

Is This Rose Fragrant? Depends on the Nose of the Beholder!

Best Kept Secret™ PPAF | Star Roses & Plants

Best Kept Secret™

Peppermint Pop™ PP#22172 | Star® Roses & Plants

The Thrive!® Good 'n Plenty Rose | Star Roses & Plants

Francis Meilland PP#19970 - Hybrid Tea - No Spray Required - Fragrant @Gemma Roses and Plants

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Learn how our breeders keep busy in the winter months.

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Look for the green pots!

Star® Roses and Plants

Sunshine Daydream™ PP#23551 #rose blooms spring to frost

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Looking to fill your garden with fragrance this spring? Check out this list of fragrant favorites from Total Landscape Care. Brite Eyes™ PP#17391 #roses

Fragrant Plantings

Fragrant roses with minimal care! Read more about the varieties Star® Roses and Plants has to offer. #easycare

The Fragrance of Desire

Cherry Sunblaze® Miniature Rose from Star® Roses & Plants: A truly bright red. A sister of Debut™ in all respects but color. Floriferous and a neat, compact plant. #gardening #plants #flowers

Star Roses & Plants