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repinning for "live long and get some." I'm crying.

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I'm sorry, this is funny. Regardless of your opinion on the man, the "Thanks Obama" jokes are hilarious.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 54 Pics

With love!

Nice one Olivia Wilde…

Captain America. This part... Hahaha

Improper speech…

I hate when spiders just sit there on the wall, acting like they pay rent.

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20 creepy things to whisper while hugging someone. I need to try this. -D

Creepy Whispers

League of Legends

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Game of Thrones

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This doesn’t concern you, human...move along, move along.

This doesn’t concern you, human…


This isn’t a car…

Yes please.

Tumblr gets vicious -

Me pretty much all the time

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dr. who + arrested development

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Things to do in the Disney Store.

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  • Jerry Whitworth
    Jerry Whitworth



Going As Dumbledora The Explorer For Halloween - NoWayGirl

Dammit Navi

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Mass Effect tan

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Best friend got the girl…

Gotta admit, I do this sometimes.

xkcd: Misusing Slang


Yep, I totally read-sang that. :D

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goin to hell in 3...2...1...

She seems to like it now
  • Michael Mireles
    Michael Mireles

    I lol'd until I realized what I was laughing at... LOL...

Haha thats funny stuff

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"Yer a gangsta, Harry..."

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Thanks Pete...

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