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Bergé Saint

Bird Tiara, Fes Morocco, 20th Century. It is made of rose-cut diamonds, emeralds, and cabochon-cut faceted stones in synthetic red or blue. This tiara is inspired by Andalusian models, especially the time Nazari.

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India Diamonds

Rubies Diamonds

Silver Diamonds

Pearl And Diamond Tiara

Pearls Silver

Braid Ornaments

Ornaments India

Hair Ornament

Plait Braid

South India | 4 part plait / braid ornament; silver, set with diamonds, rubies and pearls | ca. 1890 - 1910 | Al-Thani Collection

Plait Ornament (jadanagam)

Enamelled Hairpin

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A fine silver-gilt and enamelled hairpin, in "en tremblant" style, from Kajetan Fiedorowicz, which (unusually) is decorated on both sides. It is in good condition, too. Probably early 20th c - in any case of good early date, and it was worn by the user. (Joost Daalder)

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Highlands Province

Western Highlands

Australian Museum

South Australian

Area Age

Paradise Attachment

Guinea Western

Age Uncertain

Province Mount

Bird of paradise; attachment for a man’s headdress | Papua New Guinea, Western Highlands Province: Mount Hagen area; age uncertain | Height 43 cm, Width 18 cm | Bird of paradise (hunted with bow and arrow) South Australian Museum, Adelaide | Given to donor at the Mount Hagen Show in 1990 | Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment, page 122.

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The Matching

Matching Tiara

Nouveau Niche

Аrt Nouveau

Antique Jewery

Antique Combs

Two Wings

Croix Hair

Depicting Two

Enguerrand Suau de la Croix hair pin, c. 1900. Enamel plique-à-jour cabochons depict two wings | Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

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Barrettes Pins

Adornment Vintage

Diamonds Weighs

Cut Diamonds

Cartier Circa

Vintage Cartier

Hair Ornament

Hair Adornments

Nouveau Hair


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Enamel Hydrangea

Hydrangea Flowers

Brooch Textured

Textured Gold

Jewellery Art Nouveau

New Jewels

Barrette Unknown

Jewelry Dawn S

Fine Jewelry

.Tiara frontage? Comb top? Infuriating that i don't know what!

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Lily Cole

Model Lily

Fall 2007

Dior Haute

Haute Couture Makeup

Hair Ornaments

Couture Fall

Cole Couture


Lily Cole, Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2007. Star hair ornaments

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Tiara Diamonds

Diamond Tiaras

Diamond Hair

Diamond Set

Jewelry Vii Edwardian

Age Edwardian

Edwardian Diamond

Top Tiaras

Tiaras Baubles

Edwardian Diamond Hair Clip | A Belle Epoque diamond set hair clip. Mounted in platinum. Signed T.B. Starr.

Edwardian Diamond Hair Clip |

Pearl Large

Gold Large

Combs Hair

Hair Barrettes

1910 Pearl

Barrette 1Stdibs

Nouveau Pearl

New 14K

Art Nouveau

Circa 1910 Pearl Gold Large Hair Barrette. Art Nouveau 14K Yellow Gold and Natural Pearl Large Hair Barrette Hand Engraved Design. Country of origin: United States. Work, measuring 4 1/2 X 1 3/4 inch.

Circa 1910 Pearl Gold Large Hair Barrette |

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Cartier Hair

Cartier Misc

Cartier Brooch


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1815 1830

Circa 1815


Paste Frontlet

Frontlet Hair

Motifs Issuing

Stylised Series

Bridal Storyboard

Settings Mounted

A gilt and green paste hair ornament, circa 1815-1830 The band designed as a highly stylised series of stamped floral motifs, issuing a spray of cushion-shaped green pastes in foiled closed-back settings, mounted in gilt metal

Bonhams : A gilt and green paste hair ornament,

Architectural Digestfrom Architectural Digest

The Most Magnificent Jewelry at London's Masterpiece Fair

French Hummingbird

Bejeweled Hummingbird

Hummingbird Stuff

A S Jewelry

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Cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post once owned this 1880s French hummingbird-in-flight brooch paved with rubies and diamonds; a cabochon emerald is used for the eye. The detachable fitting allows the charming jewel to be worn as a hair ornament.

The Most Magnificent Jewelry at London's Masterpiece Fair

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Jewelry Love

Frontlet Hair

Ornament French

Frontlet ( hair ornament ), French, 19th century

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Vintage Bling Haircombs

Antique Haircombs

Tortoiseshell Gold

Accessory Tortoiseshell

Hair Pins Combs Sticks

Hair Combs Pins

Diamonds Sapphire

Diamond Ruby


Tortoise shell, gold, diamond, sapphire, ruby

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Tiffany Arte

Tiffany 1904

Maker Tiffany

Lc Tiffany

Enamel Tiffany

Tiffany Jewellery

Tiffany Company

Opals Demantoid

Garnets Garnets

Queen Anne's Lace Hair Ornament - Louis Comfort Tiffany - 1904 (Back)

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René Jules Lalique

Lalique 1860

Lalique Poppy

Lalique Bijou

Lalique C1897

Lalique Enamel

Lalique Ukrasheniya

Cristal Lalique

Nouveau Lalique

Lalique 'Poppy' hair pin. It was exhibited at the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français in 1897. Gold, silver, polished diamonds, open-work, cloisonné, matte translucent, glossy opaque enamel. Musée dOrsay.

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Antique Hair

Vintage Hair

Vintage Oww

Antique Jewelry


Hair Adornments

1870 Christie'S

Pin 1870


A DIAMOND STAR HAIR ORNAMENT Designed as an old mine-cut diamond five-point star to the articulated pin, circa 1870


Sugarloaf Amethysts

Amethysts Lg

Diamond Tiara

Cut Diamond

Tiara Crown

Opal Tiara

Crown Jewels

Royal Jewels

Opal Crown

Antique 18kt Gold, Opal, and Amethyst Hair Ornament, designed as cabochon opal flowers within closed bezels, old mine- and rose-cut diamond accents, and sugarloaf amethysts.

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Jewelry Remarkable

Remarkable Lalique

Lalique Georges

Georges Fouquet

Antique Hair

Vintage Antique

Antique Jewelry

Aigrettes Bandeaus

Nouveau Head

Art Nouveau head band in the collection of the Scmuckmuseum in Pforzheim, Germany. This work is courtesy of The Antique Jewelry - The Antique Jewelry University

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Jewellery Type

Timeless Jewellery

Jewellery Diamonds


Combs Ornaments

Hair Ornament

Victorian Charm

Victorian Diamond

Jewelry Porn

Victorian diamond pendant/brooch/hair ornament with central diamond, weighing approximately 2.5 cts. Findings for brooch and hair ornament conversion in original fitted box. 19th century. Interesting to see the spring on the hair comb that would ensure the ornament is set en tremblant when worn.

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Brooches Buckles

Brooches Birds

Brooches Clips Pins

Enamel Swallow

Swallow Brooch

Mine Diamonds

Diamonds Weighing

1890 Rose

Ornament Combination

DIAMOND AND ENAMEL SWALLOW BROOCH/HAIR ORNAMENT COMBINATION, CIRCA 1890 Rose-cut and old mine diamonds weighing approximately 1.00 carats, applied with white enamel, mounted in 18 karat gold

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Combs Hair

Barrettes Hair

Openwork Heads

Flat Openwork

Hollow Egg

Large Hollow

Hair Adornments

Glory Headdress

Headdress Hair

Hair Ornament (Raggiera) Mark of Carlo Pirotta Milan, Italy About 1860 Silver headdress, consisting of forty five pins with flat openwork heads resting on a pair of interlocking pins with large hollow egg-shaped ends Museum no. 388:1 to 46-1868 Castellani Collection © Victoria & Albert Museum, London

A History of Jewellery - Victoria and Albert Museum

Accessory Headdress

Headdress Headpiece

Hair Accessory


Headdress Ideas


Bandeau Gatsby

Tiara Bandeau

Headpieces Vintage

Headpieces, vintage :Cartier (?) Headband 1920's

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Floral Ornament

Hair Ornament

Historic Period

Diamond Floral

Combs Hair

Jewellery Jewelry

Period Clothing

Beautiful Jewellery


Diamond floral ornament that can probably be used either as a hair ornament or a devant de corsage.

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Starry Diadem