ravioli rolling pin

And maybe when I'm not making ravioli I can use this rolling pin on the knots in my back and my tightly wound IT band. The beechwood ravioli rolling pin delivers a strong sense of self-satisfaction to its rollers as it allows them to nearly ef

Springerle Rolling Pin

Folk Art Springerle Rolling Pin

Springerle are a German Yule Anise flavored cookie. Made with a traditional rolling pin. the raw cookies are left out to dry over-night before being baked resulting a very hard product. They are wonderful dipped in hot cocoa, tea or coffee.


Speculaas Cookies by Martha Stewart.When imprinting the fragrant spiced cookie dough with springerle molds, stop frequently to clean the patterns with the tip of a skewer. This allows for a better impression in the dough and resulting cookie.

patterned rolling pins

Altered Appliances by Piet Zwart Institute Students

Altered Appliances by Piet Zwart Institute students / Patterned rolling pins that make edible plates and a meat grinder that squeezes out biodegradable bowls are among a set of kitchen products on show at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this week.

Showstopper Rolling Pin

Showstopper Rolling Pin: House on the Hill, Inc., Springerle and Speculaas Cookie Molds for Baking, Crafting, Decorating