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    Keep Looking Up

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    Rising Moon and Milky Way Glow Above Maine Lighthouse By Nina Sen,

    Incredible image from the ISS

    Zodiacal Light At Easter Island Yuri Beletsky on September 1, 2015 @ Easter Island, Chile

    Balanced Rock at Arches National Park in Utah Astrophotographer Bill Whetstone 11/23/15:

    A Magic Moment: The Milky Way from Yellowstone National Park (Photo), | 11/19/15 Milky Way from Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone National Park

    It might look like a UFO – but it’s really a hole-punch cloud. A word about the classic connection between hole-punch clouds, jets and snowfall | Patricia Evans captured this hole-punch cloud 11/21/15

    Carl Sagan

    Nasa has found a twin Earth orbiting a star like the Sun in the Milky Way. Kepler 452b - which has been dubbed Earth 2.0 - is six billion years old, has a 385 day year and orbits its star at the same distance as us. It is 1,400 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. This image compares Earth, left, to Kepler-452b, which is about 60 percent larger.

    Macaroni and cheese isn't technically a traditional Thanksgiving food — but you know that these crispy little bites will be the first to go. Get the recipe at Chef in Training » -

    Horizons, Phil Koch

    Follow our travel diaries as we explore the "4 Corners" of the world.

    Aurora Borealis Stian Klo on September 10, 2015 @ Lofoten, Norway

    Aurora by colin palmer on October 7, 2015 @ tromso

    Top 30 Positive Quotes about Life

    Bridge over the crystalline waters of the Taroko River in Taiwan • photo: Donnie Terry on Flickr

    McWay Falls Under The Milky Way Yuri Beletsky on October 13, 2015 @ Big Sur, California

    Aurora Christian Schartner on October 15, 2015 @ Gällivare Sweden

    Massive Auroras Ole Salomonsen on October 9, 2015 @ Tromsø, Norway