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TOMS shoes donate shoes to children in third world countries who otherwise would be forced to go without. Now TOMS has partnered with AutismUnited to spread awareness about this disorder and help those families who are already dealing with it! I decided to base my board on Autism United's logo of puzzle pieces. Autism is described by some as having all of he pieces just not necessarily in the right places. I found different ways to incorporate the symbol into spreading awareness.


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Black Vegan Women's Wrap Boots hero #WearTOMS

Autism isn't something you can see. Know the signs.

A wearable awareness ribbon.

Symbolism of the Ribbon

Another version for a bake sale fundraiser! (cookies)

The time for awareness is NOW!

Love this pattern!

I love the nautical theme!

People underestimate children who suffer from autism, but this brave group put on a live musical!

Another piece of jewelry that can be easily incorporated into your daily wardrobe to help spread awareness!

This imagine alone is so inspiring!

Being a new mom these would be worn with love!

People don't realize how close to home this disorder can be. Ignorance must be cast aside in order to reach a level of understanding!

Through TOMS creating awareness we can help the world "step" into understanding, which is the first "step" towards healing!

A photo from @TOMSshoes

Here is an example of incorporating the puzzle piece into something other than your wardrobe! Imagine the interest that will be peaked when your family or friends see this in you home!

Sometimes when we see someone who is very different from ourselves, we forget that no one is exactly the same as any one else.

Creative photos by Chema Madoz |

These could be a great project for children and could even be sold at a fundraiser!

How great are these necklaces? Aside from the puzzle piece form giving homage to Autism Awareness. The way they fit together can be seen as a metaphor for all of us coming together to support the families of autistic children!

Here is a slightly unconventional way to show support, but it just goes to show that anyone from any walk of life can help spread awareness!

These special addition Autism United shoes would be sure to grab attention for the cause!

These are neutral enough to go with most outfits but stylish enough to wear to a special event as well!

I like that these have a message behind them!

Imagine baking these for a fundraiser for Autism United!

The symbol for Autism United are the puzzle pieces. They describe autism as having all of the pieces but not necessarily having them in the right place. These earrings would make a great conversation starter to spread awareness!

Military Jackets are in style this fall, how about some awesome tomboy boots to match? www.autismunited....