A Guarding Knight

26 bucks for that alternator belt for my car.

Cyberdelics : Photo

Cyberdelics : Photo

Metallo Femme by Concept-Art-House on DeviantArt

Metallo Femme-Advanced by Concept-Art-House on deviantART

daniel-kamarudin-wonderwoman.jpg (1920×2716)

Diana of Themyscira Wonder Woman art painted for Inkink Collectables’ tribute show. Been a while since i painted some medieval-y superheroes Daniel Kamarudin

Artist: Chris Ng aka chrisnfy85 - Title: Alleyne the punisher reg - Card: Unknown

Chris Ng Fhze Yang – Alleyne The punisher Regular

Soldados futuristas e robôs nas ilustrações de ficção científica de Chris Ng Fhze Yang

finest-cg-art: “Gun Slinger in a Bounty Hunter Guild regular w by ”