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west elm vases

it's alwyas a hit with whomever I'm bringing the cupcakes too. But it has enough room between stacks of cupcakes for PLENTY of icing and holds 24 cupcakes! best cupcake carrier ever. Giant Cupcake Carrier: Pink by Fox Run Craftsmen


When people cut you down or talk behind your back. Remember they took time out of their Pathetic Foolish Life to think about you. Pathetic People have Pathetic and Foolish Lives Period!this is so true. It's better to play a fool then to be one

Lasagna Cups

Lasagna Cups: Probably would NOT make these again. A lot more work than normal lasagna and the cups/pasta got very hard and dried out while baking. Tasted great, but would just make it like a regular lasagna next time.

13.1 charm

Sterling Silver Courage Strength Resolve or double-sided charm! It takes many things to start and finish a Full or Half Marathon!