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ideas, my grandparents took this exact picture but she was pushing him, makes a very cute and funny picture

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you know, it's funny - but their relationship reminds me of mine and kevin's. i'm always doing something crazy and he's always laughing at me and bailing me out.

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I'm Caitlin, I'm an 18 year old student from Essex currently studying A-Levels and hoping to go on to study media communications or journalism at university, in particular fashion. Singer and shopaholic, love a good bargain but notoriously renowned for...

GURL HOW YOU DOIN? I am Steph I am an art major (visual studies to be exact) at Tyler School of Art at Temple University. I live in the city of brotherly love. I am pro-choice, pro-equality, and a feminist i love batman I love my life and i love what i...