Balanced breakfast of Fruit Loops Jello shots and a screwdriver.    #Jello #Jelloshots #FruitLoops #Kellogs

We were trying to get creative at work, which naturally led us to make Froot Loops Jello shots in the breakroom. We made our shots with Loopy Froot-Loop

The 7 best cat talking videos on YouTube.    #cats #catstalking #talkingcats

Burnsy The Talking Cat Complaining Because He Wants To Sleep In - Get Catnip Daily

"I don't think I need to go anymore." said the lady in pink.

why the hell was this pinned in the 'humor' section? Let's not make light of peeping toms and gropers. It's a serious thing that causes real feelings of violation in women.

Don’t Lose the Clubs

Items similar to Golf Ball On A Bungee Rope For Full Swing Shots Everywhere. Ropeit Is The Take-It-With-You Driving Range!


A really beautiful composition of light and shadow. View "People Spell the Word "Penis" with their Shadows" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Lady faps anyone?    #gosling #ryangosling

The hottest Colouring in book of all time has to be the Ryan Gosling colouring book! This fantastically fun colouring in book from I LOVE MEL is de.

Whenever someone shows me a "funny picture" on their computer.

How I feel when real-life people send me a "funny link"