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I stole it from reddit.

It's $#it I stole from reddit.

I stole it from reddit.

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It’s probably safe to assume that we have all heard Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” It’s this classic tale of “Premature Celebration” that inspired us to come up with a list of 10 hilarious examples of this failure. In the list you will enjoy poker players who celebrate before their hands are won, cyclists who crash while celebrating on the last lap, and football players who forget that the ball is still in play.

It officially takes 850 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop #HowManyLicks #TootsiePop

16 Images That Will Make You Change How You Remember Your Childhood #childhood #cartoons #TMNT

Crazy assassination attempt out of Bulgaria. Only a few hours old.

Watch two dogs Skype with one another. #Skype #Dogs

Maxipad Company Makes Hilarious Reply To Man's Facebook Rant #Maxipad #Period

Pumpkin beer pancakes!

The 10 Hottest Cosplay Girls In North America #cosplay

A urinal for women? Weird...


Happy National Cheeseburger Day! 6 Weird Products to Celebrate #Cheeseburger

The 7 best cat talking videos on YouTube. #cats #catstalking #talkingcats

Lady faps anyone? #gosling #ryangosling

Balanced breakfast of Fruit Loops Jello shots and a screwdriver. #Jello #Jelloshots #FruitLoops #Kellogs

Don’t Lose the Clubs

Oh you silly bumper sticker.

Wow, just wow.

"I don't think I need to go anymore." said the lady in pink.

A thugs life.

Whenever someone shows me a "funny picture" on their computer.

When you see it.



Strainer face #cool #art