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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

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GUM - Main Department Store, Moscow, 1930. by Simon Friedland #Architecture

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totally steampunk

Interior Alchemy, buppenisms: Beautiful!


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Nathan Freise

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Steampunk pictures - Art gallery


Vision Afar - Illustration THEROOM



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Environment by Priss-nqm on deviantART

The Golden Compass, love this story !

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Mysteries of the Universe

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Jules Verne house

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The Steampunk Home: February 2008 - The Bradbury Building in LA was the set for J.F. Sebastian's home in Bladerunner, and even though Bladerunner is seminal cyberpunk, there's some definite post-apocalyptic Victorian industrial style here.

The Steampunk Home: February 2008

Victorian Gas Works

The Industrial Landscape As A Urban Photography Subject

The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London, 1851. The Crystal Palace was built to hold the Great Exhibition. The Great Exhibition celebrated the achievements of the British Empire and industrialization. #homeschool #history #Victorian

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"Merton Park is a distinctive Victorian suburb designed in emulation of Bedford Park but this image, for me is a perfect evocation of South London as a whole – a patchwork of Edwardian semis with long narrow back gardens wedged into the spaces between Victorian railway embankments together with allotments, light industry and even now in the 21st. century a few puddled and pot-holed unadopted roads."

Phil Beard: Postcard of the Day No. 59, Merton Park footbridge

braxton and yancey: Steampunk Room Décor in 3 Styles – Theatrical, Industrial Victorian, and Modern

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The Victorian era was a time of unprecedented demographic increase in England. The population rose from 13 million in 1831 to 32 million in 1901. Two major factors affecting population growth are fertility rates and mortality rates. England was the first country to undergo the Demographic transition and the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions.

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Off The Broilerfrom Off The Broiler

Florida Dining: Afternoon Tea at the Flagler Museum

The interior of the Henry M Flagler Museum Pavilion is meant to evoke the architecture of the Victorian and Gilded Age, similar to the Great Exposition halls and railway stations built during the height of the Industrial Revolution.

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Original Pinner said: Over 150 years old, the Laxey Wheel, a.k.a Lady Isabella, is the largest working waterwheel in the world at 72 feet in diameter. As an American, I have seen many water-powered grist mills on the small wooded streams of the Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont. But these working-collar wheels seem crude compared to the beautifully engineered backshot Laxey Wheel on the Isle of Man.

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Old staircase in Tbilisi houses of 18-19 centuries, Republic of Georgia Stock Photo: Copyright: Anna Bogush

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London Natural History Museum

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The art of François Schuiten