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Steel photos from around the web - iron and steelmaking, casting, rolling
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a large piece of wood sitting on top of a conveyor belt
red hot steel slab
we are looking at an advertisement for welding equipment that is being used to make metal parts
steel forgings - hammering away
the cover of an easy fix book with glowing orange rings in it's center
steel forgings - red hot steel
two men working on metal in an industrial factory with sparks coming from the machine and one man is using a grinder
Yousuf Karsh - Foundry 3
an industrial factory with large steel pipes
bof converter - pouring off liquid steel
a fire hydrant that is in the middle of some kind of building with flames coming out of it
steelmaking process - melt shop operations
an industrial factory filled with lots of steel
red hot steel slab in a steelmaking plant
an industrial pipe pouring orange liquid into the air with red light coming from behind it
strip mill production of hot rolled coil
an overhead view of steel being poured in a furnace
continuous casting of liquid steel
#EAF electrodes in liquid steel Dalian, Metal Mill, Iron And Steel Industry, Iron Ore
#EAF electrodes in liquid steel