Ştefan Darian
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Hoodie Grin Trash Polka Tattoo Design For Thigh By Spencer Caligiuri
Gary Mossman
Brand new geometrical leg piece from Orge! #saketattoocrew #geometry #geometrical #leg #owl #skull #mandala #orge
Your body is a canvas feather girl colour
Floral Day of the Dead Sleeve
Nature Pine Trees With Wolf Unique Mens Sleeve Tattoo
Starry Night Sleeve Tattoo by Tyler Malek
This is an interesting idea that could tie a few of my forearm ideas with the galaxy backpiece in a cool way - wont work for some of my ideas
Love this, wood like this would look great somewhere on the from of the house. Maybe under the roof overhang over balcony. OR just the whole front of house yes :)