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There needs to be a movie with these two as enemies who become sidekicks that ultimately fall in love. If there isn't, I shall write it myself!!


When the wolves are silent and the moon howls

aelfethart: [PREVIEW] Jelsa Week - Day 3: In Another Life || The Queen and the Beggar [Viking AU] It might not seem like much to you, but I’ve been thinking about a Jelsa Viking Era AU since forever. I reaaally love Vikings (no wonder I’m in Denmark lol), I’ve read a lot of myths and stories and tonight got super inspired while listening to Wardruna, so there you go! This was also an idea for the Winter Solstice, aka Yule, aka happening now, so I really tried to at least have this ...


stronGyu — aelfethart: [PREVIEW] Jelsa Week - Day 3: In...

Brunette Jack and Elsa (Human Jackson Overland and Elsa with no powers which she would have her mothers hair color)


Celia on Instagram: “quick lazy draw orz”

Two Worlds by Ry-Spirit on DeviantArt

Remember that Jack was around when elsa was cute! I can picture this also as his daughter because their baby would look just as her mom!


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Jelsa by XMystifyX on deviantART