Small decor options?

Peony cupcakes

heart in a cupcake!

Not really related, but ;P anyway.


Recipe for magnolia bakery cupcakes. But really, look at the pretty icing!

Low cost options. + environmentally-responsible.

edgy frou frou

Elie Saab

Glam up shoes with glitter and mod podge.

So whimsical, but still so elegant. Oh Chanel! Chanel Resort 2012 Collection

J. Crew dress.

tang era

maria lucia hohan

maria lucia hohan

Full length version in blue against nude.

Left image, black dress on the right.

flaky rainbow mooncakes

Wagashi for the Japanese Doll Festival (Hina-matsuri)

hina matsuri

hina matsuri food

Good fit. Good cut.

hina dolls

paper flowers