Marilyn photography by Ben Ross . "Is not Monroe the image par excellence of this New Woman? She is voluptuous, but she admires Dostoyevsky." - Maurice Zolotow (show business biographer)


Frida Kahlo it seems: This is Frida. on Madonna's body. It's from a photo shoot Madonna did in the

Mata Hari in Paris c.1910 She was an exotic dancer from the Netherlands who gained much fame in France as a dancer. During the First World War she was arrested on charges of espionage and executed by the French by firing squad. Evidence of her actual guilt is frequently questioned.

Mata Hari August October born Margaretha Gertruida Zelle, famous as both the most notorious female spy of the First World War and as a nude dancer during the Belle Epoque period before 1914

Greta Garbo style

Greta Garbo in the most feminine 1920s Ombre coat ever.

Greta Garbo, The Torrent, 1926 black and white photo, adorable hat, and lovely dress. now that is me :) i dont know anything about who the person is. i'm guessing the torrent is a movie. either way i love this picture! and i love that outfit :)

The divine Louise Brooks made every woman in the 1920s want to bob her hair. She still has that effect today.

My ultimate muse! The divine Louise Brooks made every woman in the want to bob her hair.

Vintage Mannequin

I was born in the wrong era! mannequin Look at the tummy, so cute. wish our current mannequins were more realistic like these