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Thor Being A Jerk

Ramblings, Reblogs, and Renner. (And other Avengers, Trek, and fandom related nonsense. Especially if it concerns hot guys who may or may not be shirtless.) I'm currently shipping C/C. Fervently. My...

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The only problem I have with this is batman isn't a prankster. He's too serious. I can see The Flash putting GL up to this. Especially since Barry and Hal are Best Friends out of costume.< I actually can see him doing this, more if the prank is for Clark

37 Funny Pictures That Will Make You laugh.


Geroge washington just looks so done "I told y'all not to form other parties dammit"

The second picture on the 5th row....he plays on Sons of Anarchy........he plays Clay.....he is amazing....