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Original Art carte postale, main détaillée de dessin d'un corbeau, noir sur du papier brun recyclé

Original Art Postcard, detailed hand drawing of a Raven, black on recycled brown paper I never wanted a shoulder tattoo until now.

Charlize Theron as Ravenna - "Snow White and The Huntsman" (2012)

Ravenna played superbly by Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman" (great visual in this promo shot)

Marika swan by Joe David

Contemporary Art Gallery specializing in native art from the North West Coast of Canada, Australia and Papua New Guinea, Haida,Sepik River,Pacific Islands

Stellar Jay   by Haida Point Art, via Flickr

The "Steller's Jay" (Cyanocitta stelleri) is a jay native to western North America, closely related to the Blue Jay found in the rest of the continent, but with a black head and upper body.By Artist Unknown.

Afbeelding van

Afbeelding van

Eagle represents spiritual protection, carries prayers, and brings strength, courage, wisdom, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, and a knowledge of magic.Ability to see hidden spiritual truths, rising above the material to see the spiritual.An ability to see the overall pattern, and the connection to spirit guides and teachers. Great power and balance, dignity with grace, a connection with higher truths, intuition and a creative spirit grace achieved through knowledge and hard work.

Eagle represents spiritual protection, carries prayers, and brings strength…

Haida Raven

Eagle Strike by Native American Artist Alano Edzerza is a The Silkscreen Print limited to an edition of Eagle is the symbol of great wisdom, and power.