Rainbow (or any other color) haired troll We called them "damnit dolls" way back then!

We went more often than that. Renting movies was always so much fun. It's rather sad to think it's a thing of the past. People don't even need to leave their homes to rent movies anymore.

Old school cobbler bench - always loved this thing!

Vintage Wooden Playskool Pounding Bench Perfect little vintage toy, pound the pegs down and then flip it over to pound them again. Lot of life left in this adorable toy.

Cassette Tapes

I remember these! My totally awesome, recorded from the radio, mix tapes were on these very colorful, style cassette tapes!" And today's child will NEVER know the dedication it took to make a mixed tape lok

3 dolls in one... Red Riding Hood, Granny and if you turn granny's cap over granny's face - the back of her head is THE BIG BAD WOLF!

Little Red Riding Hood Story Telling Doll - Flip it over for Grandma. Pull her bonnet down for the Wolf. I had this doll!

satin ornaments..no 70's tree was complete without 'em

We had the red versions of these ornaments! They were covered in very silky fine threads that went around them! They were still around in the

AVON Little blossoms lip balm

I had these! Avon Little Blossom lip balm.Little Blossom could have single handedly taken the fragrance and beauty market in a perfect world lol

Kool-Aid mugs. Takes me back to my childhood at my Grandma's house

Kool-Aid mugs! Saving the packages so you could send off for your rewards; cups, pitcher, hats, tshirts, etc!

I had this and loved it! I wish I still had it for my daughter. Who knew Strawberry Shortcake would come back?

Vintage 1980's 'Strawberry Shortcake's Cooking Fun' Super Sweet Recipe Book for Kids