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Favorite Rustic Winter Decor

pretty Christmas wrapping

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. Make it special to your guests. pixels Wrapping Presents Gift Wrap Craft Paper

Make a giant Christmas wreath out of a hula hoop and eucalyptus for some rustic and modern holiday decor!

Giant DIY Christmas Wreath

Go giant with something like this eucalyptus DIY Christmas wreath, giving you space to hang festive letters.

10 Best Christmas Trees | Camille Styles

10 Best Christmas Trees

♥ Love the big basket to hold tree. I guess you could put tree in bucket of water and then into basket and avoid spending money on awkward tree stand.

christmas decor

The Story on Our Main Living Room {Progress and the To-Do

Christmas decor

Christmas: Simple and sweet decor near a window. Candles would look awesome on an antique silver tray with faux snow and greenery. - home me

Holiday Decor

Painted pine cones and matching ribbons. Would work in any color combination! / 50 Simple Holiday Decor Ideas {Easy Christmas Decorating} Saturday Inspiration and Ideas - bystephanielynn