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Yoga for Great Abs

Yoga for Hips: Hip Opening Yoga | Women's Health Magazine Yoga for Hips: Hip Opening Yoga These yoga exercises can help you gently stretch your hips open

In Start, the latest book from Wall Street Journal best-selling author Jon Acuff, he explores the five stages every life goes through on the path to awesome and looks at what it takes to punch fear in the face, escape average, and do work that matters.

Prayer should be FULL of PRAISE. You don't have to beg God to do something like He is just so busy and you need Him to put your requests at the top of the list.. His work is like a beautiful symphony. Just enjoy the music! Praise Him all the way through.

Being a mom and having them be the center of my world is the best possible feeling ever!! Wouldn't give it up for anything!! Love that I have been able to stay home with my kids in the years they are young enough to still enjoy me spending time with them.