Multifaceted wood planter LARGE Wallmount by onefortythree on Etsy, $45.00

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industrial table

Jordan Waraksa

desk or bench seat like this would be cool! An Awesome Desk - Made from old pipes, bridge gears, and salvaged barn wood this desk is the epitome industrial amazingness.

My grandfather had stealth storage everywhere in his house: above and between closet doors, in walls, etc. Wouldn't use in the same way, but always good for some secure storage

This picture shows a hidden gun with no lock.I recommend it for other usage. Gun "cabinets" should have locks that can't be opened by children. Great idea though.

OH GOD BUY ME THESE PLZ  All I can do is gape wordlessly and tag linguisticjubilee  How about these womaninterrupted?  I just want to sit on a throne and wear these. My feet would look so cute. Who needs to walk? These are definitely shoe museum worthy.  templesmith would appreciate these

These are the Polypodis high heels made by shoe designer Kermit Tesoro. They look like you're walking on a bunch of octopus tentacles. *eyeballing tentacle sticking into foot* But are they comfortable? That was a trick question, since when.