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Instructions for Volcano Colored Eggs: Mix together a tbsp of baking soda, couple tsps of water and some food coloring. Now, grab your paint brushes and begin painting your eggs. Then pour vinegar it on top of the egg & watch the “volcanic eruption” take place.You can repeat steps 2, 3, & 4 over & over until you’re ready to move onto another egg. Lastly, pat off any excess vinegar or simply let them air dry.


Use a pipe cleaner to teach shoe-tying (instead of floppy shoelaces)... why didn't I think of this?!


teaching children to pray: the five finger prayer

Prayer should be a way of life for our kids. Talking to their Heavenly Father will serve them well all their lives. This simple five finger prayer methods for teaching kids to pray will help them learn how to make it a lifelong habit! Love this!

A must read for any parent who is praying over a child who is walking away from the Lord. Let Them Come Home (John and Abraham Piper)