2014 day camp: Knights of the Round Table

national theme for 2014 BSA cub scout day camp
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DIY Thor's Hammer Trolls People With the Power of Magnetism

How to fold newspaper into biodegradable planters.

layers of soil activity (+ lots of other creative ideas for other subjects/themes!)

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder DIY here..

Ask the kids to stand in a big circle, slip a hula hoop onto one child's arm, and have them all join hands. They then must find a way to move the hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other's hands.

making friendship bracelets

How to fold newspaper into biodegradable planters.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder DIY here..

Gears and Pulleys Simple Machines Lessons and activities. NOT Ontario specific, from a homeschooling website. Does however have a few good idea that could be incorporated into the Ontario classroom. www.onteachers.ca is a wonderful website full of lesson plans and ideas for Ontario teachers, by Ontario teachers

Lots of activities and experiments to learn about gears and pulleys.

Play At Home Mom LLC: seriously, this is the coolest DIY hands-on activity guide for kids EVER. :)

using pulleys activity ideas - from ehow

Pulley activity from NASA. Physics activity, simple machine activity #homeschool . Apologia Chemistry and Physics, Jeannie Fulbright

Learn about simple machines with a pulley activity.

Making a simple pulley with a rolling pin and a piece of yarn. Links to other simple machines given here as well.

Today's project - rope making machine. - Bushcraftliving.com Discussion Forum

Most likely the same for Arthur's Round Table. Reference for naming activities etc.

secret compartment case, maybe for kids spy party

Sword-fighting martial arts practice dummy that fights back! *****Note, maybe without the 'fighting back' part, lol

Knight Party 3 from Family Fun Magazine June 2007 issue

Campfire Apple Crisp: apples were common in the middle ages

s'mores ideas

Hotdog Kabobs

DIY Outdoor Games: giant scrabble

Knights / Castle birthday party ideas and games!