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Benefit Fall 2017 Collection Punch Pop! lip glosses

Benefit presents Punch Pop, a freshly squeezed assortment of liquid lip shades that you're gonna love! Exclusively available at Sephora.

Benefit Brows

Benefit Cosmetics revealed today its newest product: Foolproof Brow Powder. Foolproof comes in three shades (light, medium and deep), has gradual build up, is long lasting and super easy to use. Apply the lighter shade from the beginning …


I've been SO unproductive lately, as I deal with insomnia for about eight days. No matter what I do, I can't fall asleep before 6 am and this is so frustrating (is the supermoon to blame?

No one saves us but ourselves

Since spring of 2013 I've been a walking mess, living a fishbowl life and blaming everybody around me for my misery.

5 hours in Venice

I first met Venice in when I attended Carnival of Venice with my father. Everywhere I looked there were people wearing elaborate & colorful masks and costumes, and even though it was very cold outside, there were huge lines at the ice cream stands.

My favorite place to watch planes

I was looking for a good place to watch planes for quite a while, and yesterday I found one by accident. If you read my “I faced my fear of flying” article, you might know that …

Springish Papucei

I’m always excited about Angela Vasiliu’s (designer and founder of Papucei) new collections, but the shoe styles are simply dope!

Sporty chic look feat. Tamaris sneakers

I dressed myself with a joyful cotton T-shirt and one plain pair of trousers and completed the look with my Tamaris sneakers The result? A sporty chic look!

Never felt less Christmassy

If someone would have told me last year that in 2015 I’ll have no Christmas tree, I would have answered to that person NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas, usually shopping for Christmas …