patio cooler stand, sooo awesome.  Everyone has a cooler layin around

Patio Cooler Stand. Project #2

Chandelier Planter

Chandelier Planter - I have an old chandelier I bought at a thrift store for 10 dollars.

A few old pallets used in a garden--love it!

Could easily build this trellis from shipping pallets- a fun play area for kids AND a great space to grow beans and other vining veggies.put between play area and garden.

A site called 'old fashioned families' with all you need to know about gardening, canning, preserving, saving tons of money and general homesteading.

Preparing for the Upcoming Canning Season-From a very cool site called, Old Fashioned Families with everything you need to know about canning, preserving, saving tons of money and general homesteading

My favorite fire pits {and why} via interior designer @FieldstoneHill Design, Darlene Weir Design, Darlene Weir

five faves :: my favorite fire pits {and why

Repurposed old screen door.

Barnwood cabinet with repurposed screen door. So cute for the kitchen!

Genius dog pool/fire pit!! Garden hack. Great idea on what to do with that fire pit. Or maybe can make into a sand pit.

Dog Pond - Place a plastic kiddie pool in the ground. It'd be easy to clean and looks nicer than having it above ground. Big dogs can't chew it up or drag it around. This is obviously more fancy than a plastic kiddie pool underground, good idea thou

DIY Outdoor fire pit with sweet ambiance effect! This guy uses limestone for the walkway and seating area. I think for my house I would use pavers. Pavers would be more work though....

DIY Fire Pit and Seating Area

DIY Outdoor Games

DIY Outdoor Games -Perfect for Backyard Fun

DIY Yard Yahtzee game

DIY Yard Games- I love this! Instructions Beautiful use of a slope Source DIY Yard Yahtzee game Instructions .