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A Crafty Girl

A Crafty Girl

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Shutter Lamps @ Riviera Maison SO EASY TO MAKE! craft stores sell for 22.00

Belgian Pearls: Summer decoration

Looks like paint samples (explains the nice gradient effect) cut with a butterfly stamp cutter and pasted on in the shape of a heart. Challenging but could turn out well!! (And, as always, when you use a canvas, you can hang it on an adhesive wall clip on the stone walls of your res hall room.)

my pretty way of life: Ombre hart van vlinders

DIY - write out your favorite song lyrics or favorite chapter of a book. Very, very easy and would be REALLY awesome under your bed loft or on a dorm wall. Make sure you get light canvas and removable wall hooks... then you're golden

This Humble Home » Lovely Lyrics

3 easy ways to paint quotes on canvas paintspirationart...

DIY- How to paint personalized quotes onto canvas!

Free Printable Banner Letters or for family establishment date

Free Printable Letters for Banners! Entire Alphabet

PVC Blowgun Revolver - Six Shooter - How to make a Blowgun (WATCH VIDEO) This is a very cool Blowgun Revolver that I designed to reduce the time it takes to fire a normal blowgun. It is made almost entirely of PVC with a couple exceptions. It can pop balloons and pierce an apple from a short distance away. The darts are reusable and will last many shots if you take care of them.


How to make melted crayon art...without gluing the crayon to the canvas. pretty and random art

Island Inspirations - Melting Crayon Art

Are you curious what the Mod Podge formulas look like when they are dry? Click through for this handy dandy guide!

18 Dorm Decor ideas - A Little Craft In Your Day--you could do this with foam board so you can hang it with command strips if you have an apartment

18 Dorm Decor ideas - A Little Craft In Your Day

Melted crayon art! so THATS how they do it without the crayons glued to the actual back!!

Friday is Art Day - Melting Crayon Art

Cheap and easy to make, a concrete kitchen platform can be used to elevate just about anything around the house. DIY

Pneumatic Addict Furniture: Concrete Kitchen Platform

2 Pictures in 1 so cool

Spraypaint fake flowers, glue to canvas... this would make really pretty art for the guest bedroom.

Wonderful DIY Beautiful Cloud Lights Decoration /

For a guy's bathroom. From empty bottle to soap container! Most twist top glass bottles fit standard dispenser tops

Cute idea for couples from different states. State String Art - Sugar Bee Crafts

State String Art - Sugar Bee Crafts

Veni Vidi Vici. I came. I saw. I conquered. I want this for my apartment after college to serve as inspiration everyday.

helpful comment: I had to do this for a design class. If you want to do the manual (non-photoshop) method: Take a picture and put a clear sheet (like a sheet protector) over it. Draw a grid on the plastic. Make a grid on your canvas. Look at one square of the picture at a time and average the color in that square. It helps to blur your eyes. Then, as Kevin says, paint by number.

How To: Pixelated Painting

DIY: Quote Posters (Canvas and Melted Crayons)

From Bare Hands: DIY: Quote Posters (Canvas and Crayons)

Get a canvas or cardboard and some fake flowers then glue the flowers on it and spray paint it with 2-3 colors to add some color to your room.

35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas People Actually Want -- A photo collage monogram! Do for FIL for Father's Day

35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love (with pictures)

Perfect for Valentine's Day, but great decor for all year round (and any special occasion). DIY instructions here:

L-O-V-E Tin Pail Flower Arrangement | eHow

Here's a super fun way to preserve childhood memories... Before you get rid of your kiddo's old/damaged teddy ~ 1. Un-stuff. 2. Light spray paint. 3. Press onto paper/canvas... A great idea!


How-To: Make Your Own Mini Vase in Under 30 Seconds