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What up, Holmes?

What up, Holmes?

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We ALL deserve this award.

It's official! Sherlock, season 3, airs in the US on PBS on Sunday, January 19, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherlock Holmes


Some guy reading the worst Sherlock fanfic ever, very dramatically! He also does character voices and reads out the spelling mistakes, caps lock, and smiley faces. I had to pause it every 5 seconds because I was crying laughing! *language warning, though*

Anderson, get that off your head.

Yeah. They went there.

If you laugh at this you are a bad person.................................I'm a bad person.



Another pinned said: "so my sister found an old empty frame I had laying around, and the postcard sized print Becca gave me that I hadn’t found a place for yet. this is the result."

...And that, Johnlock fans, is as far as their relationship goes.<--- Repinned for this comment.

Sound off!! Repin for Sherlock BBC, Like for Elementary :)


if you listen closely you can hear the Sherlock fandom rise once more with screams of triumph.

Just end it...*sobs incoherently*

*Snort* Update: I am not an adult.


Fandoms, proving that the phrase "change is the only thing that is constant" is wrong.

I see what you did there :P

sensitive fellow ...Win.

Watson as a hedgehog