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Pop-culture Ben & Jerry's. "Dexter Morgan's Miami Slice: Key lime pie ice cream with a blood strawberry swirl and white & dark chocolate body parts."

I'm a fan of the fermented ones




Fact. Or I delete! all! the! exclamations! Everything is just so great!!! And clever!!! And delicious!!!!

  • Jodi Cadle
    Jodi Cadle

    I usually delete the "LOVE THIS!!!" that's added to the end of everything.

  • Stephanie Gunn Garcia
    Stephanie Gunn Garcia

    Yes that too. :)

She's the best.

I need to start carrying chalk...




12 Ways to Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot

12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamor Shot
  • Stephanie Gunn Garcia
    Stephanie Gunn Garcia

    1. Hold on to your collar, 2. Wear silk gloves, 3. Wear a feather boa, 4. Play up your hands, 5. Expose those shoulders, 6. Make sure your hair is awesome, 7. Try combining as many of the above options as possible, 8. Opt for a cool hat, 9. Add studs, 10. Make use of props and accessories, 11. Bring a friend, 12. Whatever you do, don't become a "Granny Glamour Shot" hahahaha

  • Sabrina Parks-Vanden Berg
    Sabrina Parks-Vanden Berg

    that is halarious! im proud to say..i never got glamour shots...they were to exspensive mom said! lol...thank god she was a hard ass! :)

  • Julie Adams
    Julie Adams

    omg this is hilarious...and those people in those glamour shots swore they looked good


Wish I was a little bit taller…



  • Jenn

    guilty. ha.

  • Stephanie Gunn Garcia
    Stephanie Gunn Garcia


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