Quote: If you'll be my soft and sweet. I'll be your strong and steady. You'll be my glass of wine I'll be your shot of whiskey You'll be my sunny day I'll be your shade tree You'll be my honeysuckle I'll be your honey bee - Blake Shelton


little sass ;) nice quote for a lil sassy mini person i know Boots & Class. that's what cowgirls are made of. need a pick like that for the book of course. so many ideas and only the lack of .


Afternoon with Grandpa by David Stoecklein Gallery Quality Framed Art Western Print Grandpa/Grandson Picture ID# 707

dont you want to stay - jason aldeen and kelly clarkson

Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay CMA(Country Music Awards November 10

Nuf Said

i may not have been born into this lifestyle, but i adopted it and mixed it up into my own unique Scottish Cowgirl-ness. :) God Bless America, God Bless the South!