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We live in a society that teaches - DON'T GET RAPED instead of DON'T RAPE!

Feminism "why should I have to alter the natural state of my body to be seen as socially acceptable."

"... For every girl who throws out her E-Z bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one. ..."

I'm my own boss

Bow to the magic. YES Rush Limbastard, I will be voting with my vagina come election time.

It's good for you.

One of the ways society teaches women to hate other women...

Love yourself intensely. #feminism

feelin crazy :)

Just think. . .guns have a constitutional amendment protecting them and women don't.

Consent is mandatory. I really hate the "consent is sexy" campaign because it implies that permission needs to be sexualities in order to be under-fucking-stood

Rape is rape.

Feminism. Don't get it twisted.

This sums up the current state of women's interests pretty nicely.

Dude, you go Macklemore. ... I like my make up... sometimes... but no woman should think she's ugly without it.

The GOP doesn't care about women. It seems they would rather risk the destruction of both mother and fetus than allow women to have control of their own bodies. "Pro-life" my ass.

Wow. This hit me hard..... 15 Body Positive Messages For Mothers & Daughters. Smile Guaranteed. << nice collection.


Ashley Judd on patriarchy

A girl believes she is beautiful until ...

Sarah Silverman has a new PSA out and it is fucking amazing. :)

Gloria Steinem