"Best Friends" this is such a ute picture idea

We sie uns alles geben was wir brauchen.

A little girl and her pony, Blueberry captured by Maris Ehlers Photography

Equine Photos by Impulse Photography - Mallory Beinborn

a little girl and her horse / pink / splash of color photography

Senior Girl Portrait w/ Horse

Pretty, chubby, dark dapple-grey pony with white mane and tail, and dark legs with a cute, little girl in a black dress riding him bareback. Lush green field of grass.

I'm a sucker for horse sessions

When I shoot equine I love to do a casual look and a dressy look. So you can be in your jodphurs and riding gear, and then change to a nice dress.

This little girl has already figured out that NOTHING smells as great as a horse.

jinky san diego child photographer 2 my crush

Little girl photography

By Therese Marie Photography. I so heart this whole session. I want a horse and sweet little girls to photograph! by Naghma

Little Cowgirl.I believe there is a picture of me just like this somewhere.

Lance and Katie, Love and Horses

Lance and Katie, Love and Horses - Shelley Paulson Photography - Minnesota Equestrian Portrait Photography for Horse Lovers

These little girls were darling. They each had their own horses, but rode together during some of the pre-event activities. They discussed every fine point and detail.