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Soft Summer

I'm a Soft (Muted) Summer in the Color Palette. Here is a collection of stuff for Soft Summer... Enjoy!~ <3
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Soft Summer info: People, eyes, hair, skin & lastly the colors to wear!~ :D


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::Soft Summer:: - antique turquoise, try to find it in pearlescent, it is simply beautiful in fabric. - muted dark pine (the best eye colour intensifier on every single person). - pale mauve, it looks very pretty w/ every suit, feminine w/out being girlie which this Season does not identify w/; it takes only a mist of pigment to have enormous effect when natural colouring is very gentled w/ grey. -with runners-up: burgundy & pewter, both very sexy masculine on the men.


3 Great Colours On The 12 Seasons

From Elea Blake: The Soft Summer Color Palette~ please do take in to consideration that the colors may vary slightly from the original due to the translation from the canvas to your computer screen.


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Soft Summer's Investment Buys, in clothing colors: *Charcoal *Rose Brown *Light Navy *Medium Grey


SeasonalColorAnalysis: Soft Summer

Color Chart examples: This basically means that you can wear many of the colors from your group's sister palette. For example, if you're a Cool Summer you can wear some of the colors from Cool Winter palette. Or if you're a Clear Spring you can pull off the colors from the Clear Winter palette as well. - since I'm a Soft Summer I can share colors with other soft groups. :D


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Soft Summer Work: Jade is a great color for soft summer, why don't use it in work wear? This classic and structured dress looks very professional and put together. Jade also looks great with rich and creamy rose colors.


SeasonalColorAnalysis: Soft Summer Color Palette

Soft Summer clothing examples - Cute! <3 | url:


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