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Even after you did all this to me and knowing you are not and will never be an honest truthful person..ill always wish you well coz you may be able to let go of our good memories, i never will. You and only you once had the key to my heart and may be you forever will.

Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes And suddenly she found herself grateful. Grateful for all the darkness, the heartbreak and the betrayal because it allowed her to recognize true love when she found it. And she knew without a doubt, that all the broken, shattered forgotten pieces of her soul were worth putting back together again, because she became her beloved and found new light and love along the way" #relationships #love #brokenheart #quote

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I love this. It's so true and I love when I find something new about you <3

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I Want to Grow with You (Live Life Happy)

I Want to Grow with You

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The best love is one that makes you better without changing you into someone other than yourself. Top 10 Best Inspiring Quotes About Change

Top 10 Best Inspiring Quotes About Change

My love, I am SOOO IN LOVE with ALL of & BEYOND!!

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Just point your trunk to where you threw my ball... Charming pictures

HeartMelt! Paws for thought: The two unlikely friends take a breather from their tiring game


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I am SO lucky to have the most amazing boyfriend ever!! Thank you for making my birthday extra special last night!! You're surprises left me speechless, Nate♥ Xoxo

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Baby You Are My Euphoria!! I Am Never Letting You Go And I Will Do Everything I Can To Make You Want To Stay.. I Love You So Much. When You Find Someone Who Can Make You Laugh. Smile. Grow. Lust. Want. Crave. Feel. Make You Mad But Happy. Keep That. That's Euphoria.

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