Steph Santellano

Steph Santellano

Steph Santellano
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Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta

Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta - Tastes Better From Scratch (Maybe add some grilled chicken. Would have to take out cream cheese for CJs allergies)

Weekly dinner wall – makes planning and shopping easier! DIY – vinyl lettering on painted sheet of plywood, with blocked squares of painted on chalkboard paint. (2 coats needed minimum). Decorate squares with acrylic paint, and you can even dangle a piece of chalk from a string on top. Super easy, super cute!

Cheap Decorating Ideas: A scrap piece of wood is transformed into a quaint menu-board with some chalkboard paint and vinyl letters. This not only looks great, but it& extremely functional. With this menu board, everyone will always know what& for dinner.

Table captain strategy - lots of details about how this is implemented. Cute!

Classroom Management: table captains- at the beginning of each week a table captain is picked and the cone is placed on the students desk. The table captain picks up materials and puts them away

Secret Star classroom management idea! #Create2Educate

Secret Star is a classroom management tool that works WONDERS on hallway behavior, assembly behavior, teacher talking to the Principal by the door behavior…

Birthday gift for students.

We all know how important students birthdays are (specially for them) and if you forget, they will make sure you remember all day long!

Homework pass as a birthday gift for students. Birthday and Half Birthday. Color and Black & White. ($)

Homework Pass: Celebrate your students' birthdays with these colorful birthday homework passes! Color and Black & White. And for those students who celebrate their birthday over the holidays - half birthday passes!