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Making Freezer Meals: Get Started with 10 Simple Crock Pot Recipes

13 Freezer Meals in 2 hours! Family friendly slow cooker recipes with Fall flavors like Pumpkin Maple Pulled Pork. Yum! {Sunny Day Family}


Cheesy Buttery Puff recipe - Move over, potatoes. Six simple ingredients blend and melt and puff up into an airy, delicious side. Be sure and serve it hot.


Balsamic-Maple Acorn Squash -- In this recipe, acorn squash is tossed with a sweet and savory balsamic-maple dressing and then baked until tender and thoroughly delicious.


I made this 3/30/14, very good... I used more than twice as much brown sugar than was called for in balsamic glaze, and it was delicious. At the end of the oven roasting, I added all the leftover broth/drippings from crockpot to oven roasting pan with pork in it - store any leftovers in that juice.

Blue Cheese Filled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger pie - perfect option for when you're craving cheeseburgers but don't have buns or are trying to cut out carbs

Parmesan tilapia- I baked mine instead of grilling it, and it was still fabulous!

15 Minute Easy Tilapia Recipe - Page 2 of 2

Philly Stuffed Peppers, super easy high protein low carb - I know that this is not vegetarian, but not everyone I know is so this might be a great buffet or pot luck dish!