Stephanie Archibald

Stephanie Archibald

San Diego, California / Chemistry without catalysis, would be a sword without a handle, a light without brilliance, a bell without sound.
Stephanie Archibald
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supernatural | Tumblr

Crowley writes about baby moose angels and some kind of demon-angel-human-spawn that accidentally happened during the one night stand three way that we know he had with Dean and Cas.

Actors vs Characters

Actors vs Characters- I thought "derpy hyperactive puppy man"was my favorite part of this, then I started picturing Misha interacting with Cas. "Misha, would you please stop pulling down my pants unexpectly"

Mark Sheppard. How do you put up with their nonsense

Mark Sheppard sits there like it's all normal.<<< It's the Supernatural cast! That kind of stuff probably happens on a daily basis.