A yurt... a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.


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Since the beginning of the 17th century efforts to settle Gypsies have been frequent. Pressures to assimilate, including Forced settlement, intensified at the end of the next century. Such campaigns were undertaken among others in Austria, Russia, and Spain. Special edicts were published which prohibited nomadism and traditional activities, as well as the use of their own language. Children of the roaming Gypsies were taken away and given to peasants for a "proper" upbringing.

Οι Τσιγγάνοι (Γύφτοι) στην ελληνική βιβλιογραφία [1986]


Primitive settlement on the outskirts of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

In Victorian England, we see the emergence of Gypsy caravans with horse-drawn wagons (vardos), and donkeys or mules in train.  Nomadic Gypsies still lived in tents—even in winter.  The Gypsy folk are noted at this time as tinkers, potters, basket makers, brush makers, and cheapjacks.  It is also in the nineteenth century that they become known as Travelers.It appears that the Gypsy population in Britain was about 13,000 by 1900

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Those who survived the German persecution began their seemingly endless journey again It is unknown how many Gypsies survived the war, but it is generally supposed there were about 20,000 on post-war Polish territory. Soon after the war the authorities decided to settle all the Gypsies down and to force them into regular employment - they wanted the Gypsies to be absorbed by the rest of the population. That didn't happen as expected.

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Ellie e le sue amiche il giorno della Comunione. Campo Rom di Eleonor Street, Mile End, Londra, 2009. photo Valentina Schivardi

Gypsy women in France

Wallet. demolished city of Kowloon.

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