Zulu Warrior

ZULU Warrior with "Ishilunga" shield and "Iklwa" stabbing spear.

Defence of the Hospital.

Zulu War 1879 - Privates Robert Jones, Henry Hook, William Jones and John Williams Fielding at Rorkes Drift Mission Station defend the hospital. All survived and would receive the Victoria Cross

Survivor from Rorkes Drift, 54mm Miniature.

Survivor from Rorkes Drift, Miniature.

Allegedly an actual photo of The Great King Shaka Zulu, but he died in 1828, when photography was very much in its infancy, so I think this is a later representation.

An old century photograph of a Zulu warrior - The Zulu people, Zulu Tribe and legendary King Shaka Zulu

uThulwana. Zulu warriors were organized in regiments, called "Impis," comprised of warriors of a similar age.  Regiments were distinguished by a distinct uniform dress, and the color of their shield, with more white in the cow hide shield representing a more veteran regiment.  Formed in 1854, the uThulwana was the regiment in which Cetshwayo had served, and one of the most veteran at the time of the Anglo-Zulu war. They participated in the battles of Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift, and Ulundi.

Zulu & British Wars 20031 Zulu Uthulwana Regiment Charging with Knobkerrie - Made by Britain's Military Miniatures and Models. Factory made, hand assembled, painted and boxed in a padded decorative box. Excellent gift for the enthusiast.