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South Florida Wildlife

South Florida Wildlife

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Bald Eagle Fishin'

Flashes of Brilliance

Florida Panthers

Florida Grey Fox

Florida's Grey Fox (8)

Florida black bear

florida mammals photos - Yahoo Search Results

Sandhill Crane - Pair by Anupam Dash on

**Anhinga in her Elegant Attire--also known as a water turkey. You'll often see them sitting in a tree or snag with their wings held out to dry. They can't fly very well with wet wings.


Untitled by Stefano Ronchi | 500px

One of the most accessible national parks in the country, the Everglades is located just outside of Miami. While many people think the Everglades is a swamp, it is actually a very slow moving river. Here you can see a variety of aquatic birds as well as Florida alligators

Everglades National Park - Gary Arndt (EverythingEverywhere)

Green-breasted Mango hummingbird, Cost Rica by Jim Zuckerman

19800 - Photograph at

Roseatte Spoonbill family - adorable!

Mama and baby flamingo

Photo of a Baby Flamingo at the San Diego Zoo


"Vantage Point" - "Having a good overview of the landscape is helpful before getting started! - Steve Hoffacker's "Home Sales Insights" - - by Steve Hoffacker - www.homesalesinsi... -

"The Monarch Butterfly breaks away from its chrysalis and its former life to find new opportunities." - See more at: www.homesalesinsi... "Steve Hoffacker's "Home Sales Insights" - by Steve Hoffacker -

"The Life Cycle Starts Again" - Monarch Butterfly laying eggs on the host milkweed plant - by Steve Hoffacker -

"Enjoying The Sunshine" - Giant Swallowtail Butterfly" - Steve Hoffacker -

"Lighting Up The Garden" - Giant Swallowtail Butterfly - Steve Hoffacker -

"Afternoon Snack" - Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed - Steve Hoffacker -

"Itsy Bitsy Spider" - Steve Hoffacker -

"Bad Case Of Dry Skin?" - Steve Hoffacker -

"Hide And Seek" - Great Egret - Steve Hoffacker - stevehoffacker

"Who’s Next?" - Anhinga - Steve Hoffacker - httpP://

"Stepping Out Into The World" - Steve Hoffacker

"A New Year’s Baby" - Steve Hoffacker

"Enjoying The Sunshine" - Giant Swallowtail Butterfly" - Steve Hoffacker -