9/11 Cross

World Trade Center Cross / Ground Zero Cross . formed & left standing as the World Trade Center collapsed - Sept

I don't play Mass Effect but I still think this is cool.

Mass Effect mixer. oh, and the nerf gun. I would spend all day calibrating that mixer.--Just an idea

Chicago, Illinois, USA

In Depth: World's Most Beautiful Cities

Chicago's "Bean" sculpture, with the city skyline reflected back. One of our favorite romantic getaway cities.

Coke Camera

DIY soda can ideas. Learn how to build amazing models and crafts from soda cans. Even a simply soda can makes amazing models and DIY crafts.

Car Pool

Mustang Pool Table - Play a game of billiards on one of the greatest pony cars to ever grace the auto industry – the 1965 Ford Mustang. These custom made Mustang Pool Tables comes with real chrome bumpers, working head lights, real tires, and real wheels.


Pedestrian Sculpture by Ryan Johnson The pedestrian crossing the street looks really cool because it looks like they took a photo. It looks like they took the photo because it looks blurry. This sculpture looks real.

© Erik Ravelo

Street Art- Jesus Christ Sculpture Crucified On Utility / Electrical / Telephone Pole.

The Dark Party, Melbourne Spiegeltent Season 2013

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