Giraffe Manor Hotel - Nairobi, Kenya

Giraffe Hotel, South Africa - I am not kidding I would die to go here! I have told my mom a million times I want a pet giraffe to stick its head in my bedroom window and lick my face when I wake up! Yea I'm obsessed with giraffes!

Iman by Peter Beard, Kenya, 1975

A stunning journey into the world of photographer, diarist and writer Peter Beard, this two volume special edition book is something I would love to have on my

peter beard

by Peter Beard - Darajani Rhino Roping, Tsavo National Park: A black rhino flees ropers in eastern Kenya, its capture was part of a relocation effort.

Bianca and mick jagger photographed in 1972 by peter beard during the rolling stones’ “exile on main street” tour.

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Andy Warhol by Peter Beard.

Andy Warhol photographed by Peter Beard, at Montauck, (All digital images of Warhol are exclusively managed by Corbis, while all transparency images of Warhol are managed by Art Resource.

Peter Beard; Andy Warhol at Home, Church Estate, Montauk (1972)

Andy Warhol at Home, Montauk, Photo by Warhol's neighbour, Peter Beard