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    Steven Culshaw
    Steven Culshaw
    Steven Culshaw

    Steven Culshaw

    • United Kingdom

    I joined the IT sector 25yrs ago in electronics, in 1991 diversified into LAN/WAN technologies, founded an ISP in 1999 which today provides hosted services, con


    WOW, what a great set of Oak doors, now I just need the house to go with them now :)

    What a an amazing Giant Swiss Army Knife, it's on my birthday list everyone :-D

    While out walking the dog in this morning I took this photo and thought that I would add it to my favourite places board, it's a lovely spot first thing in the morning :)

    Petra EA44 Mini Chicki Egg Boiler. So, I know you're asking why do I love Petra, well it's hard to say but... I guess what I can say is what's not to love. She's cute, she's yellow, she makes 4 eggs for you when you want them, well almost when, she isn't the speediest chick but I own, operate and love my Petra and although she isn't everyone's cup of tea and I have to say a pan works quicker, she has a wee personality of her own and you can't say that about a pan now can you?

    Check out this great new way to put a solid roof onto your EXISTING conservatory making it habitable throughout the whole year so not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter so I guess with energy saving ideas like this it's making your house more efficient too :)

    Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This is, to put it quite simply, a very lovely Scotch; and I do love my whisky! What's great about it? It tastes lovely, isn't one of those "peaty" whiskies and it's affordable. I first drank it in Fort William Scotland on a camping trip and i've not stopped since then. If you like whiskey and you haven't tried Old Pultney then give it a go, it won't break the bank and even if it's not your favourite you still won't be disappointed :)

    WEST63RD is a technically gifted online provider specialising in e-marketing, IT consultancy, hosted services, e-commerce and site development. When West63rd formed in 1999 as an ISP, the World Wide Web revolution was just starting, and it's still here today, un-phased by the rapid technological developments, which should provide you with some assurance that they know what they’re doing! WEST63RD are often called on to find "simple solutions to complex problems" and are very customer focussed.