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Universal voice control will emerge as small mics show up everywhere. ... An interesting prediction for how we'll interact with and command all our stuff on the Internet of Things.

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Camera-magnifying glass, via Thomas Frey, who says: "Really surprised no one thought of this before."

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Low-cost drone (on Kickstarter now) capable of carrying GoPro and with auto-follow mode. Looks like super little gadget for sports, recreation coverage. (Wonder if it could keep up with a base jumper? That would be an interesting viewpoint.)

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Lytro's next camera is more than toy that initial model was. After-shooting focus; decent lens; much more resolution. Might be good for reporters who won't need to focus. Not convinced pro photogs will embrace this just yet.

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Infinity Augmented Reality Concept (video). I think this is coming and has many media implications. But this video also includes a creepiness factor when used socially and with shady ethics.

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