Fly Fishing Treasures

Treasures of the fly fishing world including vintage and antique fly fishing reels, rods and flies. Fly fishing gift ideas, holiday gift ideas for fly…
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a feather with green feathers on top of it
Fly Tying | longscape
Fly Tying | longscape
two flies on top of a book with the title'book of flying'in it
Fly Tying | longscape
Fly Tying | longscape
an assortment of fishing related items on top of a table with scissors and other things
a person is holding a tiny fishing lure in their left hand, while the flies are yellow and brown
A quick fly, the lion for next season By Arild Stangeland
an orange, yellow and green fly with long feathers on it's tip is shown
Rooster Tail Spinner Lure Graphic
Fly fishing rooster tail spinner lure graphic illustration
the price list for fishing flies is shown in this old book, with an image of three
a close up of a brown fly on top of a piece of paper with writing
Spey Flies
Spey Flies
some flies are sitting on top of a leather case with feathers around it and an identification tag
Silver & Gold March Brown
a person holding a fish in their hand on the ground with net and grass behind them
Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods
Beautiful Golden Trout caught on the Kern River with a handcrafted Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod. #oysterbamboo #flyfishing #bamboorod #bambooflyrod #handcrafted #custommade #fish #fishing #goldentrout #kernriver Handcrafted for your lifetime…An heirloom for future generations
a metal object sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of paper
Bougle 3"
a fish is shown in this old advertisement
The Biggest Catch of Fish Lettering